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Neuro-Diverse Interpersonal Relations

  • This group is suitable for students who are experiencing difficulties associated with inter-personal relationships and communication and who are curious to understand more about themselves and other people
  • Students may have been diagnosed with, be awaiting a diagnosis for, or think they may have a neuro-diverse condition such as Autism spectrum, ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia or dyscalculia
  • Each group member will have a specific focus which they will work on with the help of the group. E.g. being more open with other people about their feelings or setting healthy boundaries in relationships
  • This is a weekly ‘in person’ therapy group run over 8 consecutive weeks, for students at any stage of their education. Each session will last for 1.5 hours and attendance is required at every session. The group will be facilitated by Psychological Therapists and based at Wellbeing and Student Support in Senate house
  • Students interested in this group should discuss this with the person they are currently working with e.g. Psychological Therapist, Disability Advisor, Mentor etc. They may then be offered a one-to-one pre-group session with a group facilitator to decide whether it is a suitable option and, if appropriate, to identify a goal and to plan for the group.