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Virtual Opportunities

EUTOPIA Student Network

Warwick is a member of the EUTOPIA alliance of European universities, which offers international collaboration opportunities for students at all levels, from undergraduate to PhD. Undergraduates can co-create new international education offerings with their EUTOPIAn counterparts in one of our Learning Communities, or participate in the Gothenburg Summer School for Sustainability and the Barcelona International Summer School. We’re also supporting a new generation of international researchers: in 2020/21, 10 full scholarships are available for PhD students who will be co-supervised by academics at Warwick and our EUTOPIA partners.

Join Warwick’s EUTOPIA Student Network to be kept up to date with these, and other, opportunities.

Global Connections Club

The Global Connections Community is a fun way to interact virtually with other students at Warwick and in this time of social distancing, an excellent way to connect with people outside your halls, your course and all around the world! It’s open to everyone – wherever you’re from - just join using your Warwick email address. Check out our regular virtual Global Connections Club live events such as our ‘tea and chat’ sessions, to help you connect with other students; and you can also set up your own virtual events to suit your interests.

Intercultural Training Programme

Warwick's innovative Intercultural Training Programme will help you to better understand, communicate, and build effective relationships with those from different cultural backgrounds. The programme is free and available to all Warwick students and leads to a certificate of recognition on your degree transcript.

If you’d like to hone your intercultural competences and learn how to articulate your global skills in an interview context, sign up.