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24/7 Library update

The 24/7 Library proposal has been very welcome and has received wide support across the University community. The proposal will be built into the University budget and presented to the University’s principal governing body, the Council, in July, to receive its final approval.

Isaac Leigh, SU president, commented:

The Students' Union has campaigned on this for several years now, and we are delighted to have seen it happen. It was passed as a policy last year at our All Student Meeting, which gave the project extra impetus; this is a great example of students passing policy which we then act on.

We firmly believe that the main study space on campus should be accessible at all times; there is no typical way of working, and we are delighted that we have joined all other top-ten universities in having a 24/7 Library. Combined with the opening hours of the Postgraduate Hub being extended to evenings and weekends, we are proud to have substantially improved access to study space this year, and are extremely grateful to Library staff and to other members of the University, including senior staff, for their support.

Robin Green, University librarian said:

We are delighted to be able to increase the University’s study provision by extending the main Library’s 24x7 opening beyond the summer term. We look forward to working with the Students’ Union and colleagues across campus to support our students in using the Library productively and with their wellbeing in mind.