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International Students Day 2017

Friday November 17 is International Students Day 2017, the annual nation-wide celebration of multiculturalism and diversity on our campuses. To celebrate, we're holding a Badminton ‘Around the World’ Rally event on Friday from 12pm-2pm in the SU Atrium and all are welcome no matter your ability. It will be a great way to work up an appetite on your lunch break!

International Students Day

Every student is an international student at Warwick, and there are many international experiences, societies and initiatives you can get involved with.

Go Global

Go Global is a joint initiative by the Students Union and the International Office which highlights opportunities for global experiences both abroad and on our campus.

It's a great way to find out about our cultural societies or opportunities to learn languages on campus, and ways to get out into the world by studying abroad, or engaging in global volunteering, internships or international entrepreneurship.

Join us on Facebook to stay up-to-date with news and upcoming opportunities. Alternatively, sign up to receive updates from our Global News page.

If you’d like to organise an event to bring students together across different backgrounds or help others experience and understand a different culture you can also apply for a Go Global grant to make it happen!

Why not try our intercultural training programme, designed to help enrich your intercultural experience as part of your Warwick journey?

Our student cultural societies

Whether you're an international student, fell in love with a particular country while travelling, or simply like discovering new cultures, there are lots of cultural societies you can get join:

Think there's a society missing? Set up your own, by contacting the Societies Officer's office.

International Volunteering

Our intercultural activity reaches far beyond campus. In particular, our international volunteering opportunities provide our students with the chance to reach out and engage with communities in both India and Africa.

Our Warwick in Africa programme provides our volunteer teachers with a 4-6 week placement to deliver energetic, inspirational maths and English lessons to some of the poorest schools across South Africa, Tanzania and Ghana.

And our Warwick Laksh programme works with Delhi's Laksh Foundation to deliver free education to the children of local farm workers. Our student volunteers spend a month each across five schools providing maths and English classes to over 300 students.

And our Warwick Raising and Giving (RAG) student society also provides lots of international fundraising opportunities too.

Library Cultural Events

From Lunar New Year and Eid al-Fitr, to Nowruz, Kaamatan and Thanksgiving - the Library celebrate lots of cultural events throughout the year! Got an event you want to celebrate? Send the Library your ideas and suggestions to or talk to a member of staff at the PG Hub.

Celebrate International Students Day using #GoGlobalAtWarwick and share your stories about our international community here at WarwickBadminton

Student trips

Why not join the International Student Office on their regular trips visiting sites of historical and cultural interest in and around Britain?