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Term 3 2020 - Year 1 undergraduates

In our newsletter on Friday 27 March, we incorrectly said to Year 1 students that 'no new teaching and no assessments or exams, (including lab work) will take place' in Term 3. To clarify, any current and planned coursework assessments for Term 3 will go ahead and academic support will continue to be available. There will be no new teaching or exams in Term 3. All Year 1 students will have the opportunity to take part in an online module in Term 3.

Further to our update in the previous newsletter, we can confirm that no new teaching and no assessments or examinations, (including lab work) will take place for Year 1 students in Term 3. A small number of degree apprenticeships will continue and students will have been already informed.

We encourage you to return home when you have the opportunity and if it is safe and practical for you to do so, but we will continue to support those students who need to remain.

You should still submit any assessments that are currently scheduled but exams will not go ahead. Departmental support will continue to be available through academic support and personal tutoring.

Instead of teaching sessions and assessments, an online module running in Term 3 will be available to help you prepare for your second year.

It will cover the following topics:

  • Organising online learning at Warwick and the tools we use
  • Developing online behaviours and skills
  • How to take part in formative and summative assessments online
  • Building self-reflection and Warwick Core Skills
  • Thinking ahead: wider opportunities and developing employability skills

You will complete a range of activities and tasks, to practice skills, reflect critically on your strengths and weaknesses, work together and engage with external tools and resources.

Progression to Year 2

We have been asked how students will know whether they will proceed onto Year 2.

For most students, this will be straightforward. Later in the year, your department will review all the marks that you have received this academic year, so far, and providing you have met the learning outcomes for your course, they will inform you that you proceed automatically.

If your department has serious concerns about your performance, they will contact you to discuss your situation.

Any marks missing for modules or assessments due to Industrial Action or the current Covid-19 situation will not form part of this consideration.

Reviewing of student marks in Year 1 will take place when all Year 1 work has been submitted (not earlier that May 2020), in preparation for Exam Boards. Departments will then be in a position to confirm to students whether their achievement pattern conforms to expectations required in order to progress to the second year, or whether the exam board will wish to consider their case.

For those courses where the first year contributes to your final degree classifications, this will mean that the calculation of the final degree classification will be changed to ensure that you are not disadvantaged. If this applies to your course, you will be informed of the new weighting for each academic year by your department at the start of Term 3. If in doubt about the current weighting of each year in your degree, you can check in your course handbook.

We know that many of you are being affected by the Covid-19 pandemic in different ways and we encourage you to prioritise your health and wellbeing and the needs of those people around you.

Read guidance from Wellbeing Support Services on coronavirus and managing your wellbeing.