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Maintaining your Wellbeing

Support for students
  • To access any Wellbeing Support Service students simply need to go to our Wellbeing Portal.
  • Opening hours are still 8.30 am - 5 pm (4 pm on Fridays) and initial wellbeing consultations will be available between 10 am-3 pm on weekdays, via video appointment on Microsoft Teams. Please visit our Wellbeing Portal for more information.

Find out more about the Togetherall- an online mental health and wellbeing service with additional resources (available once you've registered with Togetherall).

There is additional support to WMS students working in NHS:
  • WMS Students can register via our Wellbeing portal (identify themselves as WMS students and provide us with a telephone number and their availability)
  • WMS Students can access fast-tracking into our support services & book some out of hours appointments to fit with their availability

What to do if you’re a student and it’s all getting too much
Blog | NHS Mental Health Support for Students

 Students, please
contact Wellbeing Support Services via the Wellbeing Portal

 024 7657 5570

Download and share the #WarwickTalk card
Ways to share:

-On Social Media

-Through an Email

-On your Email Signature with “I want to talk/I am here to listen”