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Telephone Scam Targeting Tier 4 Students

It has been brought to our attention by the Home Office that there is a current scam which is targeting Tier 4 students.
Some students may receive a telephone call from an individual who fraudulently claims to represent the Home Office.

This scam may follow a similar pattern to previous scams:

  • A student receives a call or an email from someone pretending to be from the Home Office and may know personal details such as full names, passport numbers and postcodes.

  • The incoming number may appear to match a genuine Home Office one (020 7035 4848), and they may ask you to verify it on the Home Office website where the number may appear.
  • The student is told that there is a problem with their visa and that they need to pay a fine and/or give the caller personal information and contact details.
  • They claim that if the victim does not pay the fine (usually £1200 - £1520) you will be reported to the Police/or the Home Office who will detain or deport them.

Please remember that the Home Office will never call an international student to request payments or ask for personal details in this way. DO NOT make payments or give information to anyone calling you like this.

  • Report the incident to your international student adviser in the Office for Global Engagement (previously the International Office), who can report the fraud to the police and to the Home Office if you wish.
  • If you wish, you can report the matter online to Action Fraud.
  • If you have already been targeted and have made a payment, please contact the Office Global Engagement: +44 (0) 24 7652 3706 |

You can read more information on telephone frauds and scams, including how to report a scam call if you receive one.