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#WarwickOneWorld #WeAreInternational

Warwick One World

We are proud that Warwick's university community has long been highly international and inclusive in nature, with a strong global outlook.

Our international staff and students are a huge part of our Warwick family! That's why we're ranked in the top 50 of the world's most international universities.

We stand with all of our community and all other UK universities in our commitment to ensuring that our universities remain diverse, inclusive and welcoming communities open to students and staff from across the world. And we will continue to ensure that our teaching and research knows no geographical boundaries, and that our students and staff from around the world are able to celebrate their own cultures and friendships.

Explore more about our international community and intercultural opportunities below...


Meet our #warwickoneworld community

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Go Global

Go Global is a joint initiative by the Students Union and Office for Global Engagement that highlights opportunities for global experiences both abroad and on Warwick Campus.

It's a great way to find out about our cultural societies or opportunities to learn languages on campus, and ways to get out into the world by studying abroad, or engaging in global volunteering, internships or international entrepreneurship. And they offer grants to support cultural and diversity events too!

"The University of Warwick is known to be one of the most, if not the most international university in the UK, and the diversity of the student body and even faculty is well reflected just venturing around campus. The plethora of cultural societies and events such as One World Week, embody the importance of the international community in the University and this is something I myself, found very appealing and attractive about attending Warwick."
Hear more from Isabel, 1st year undergraduate at The Centre for Applied Linguistics

Library Cultural Events

Library Cultural Events

From Chinese New Year and Eid al-Fitr, to Nowruz, Kaamatan and Thanksgiving - the Library celebrate lots of cultural events throughout the year!

Got an event you want to celebrate? Send the Library your ideas and suggestions to or talk to a member of staff at the PG Hub

Study Abroad

There's loads of other ways to explore the world to study too. Whether you're looking to spend a year studying abroad with one of our many partner institutions, or looking for a summer school or a conference, there are lots of opportunities.

Juliette: Profites–bien!! Making the most of your year abroad!

"My trip took me to Paris, Florence, Forli, Bologna, Paris (again!) and finally Zaragoza, all in two weeks!! Yes I was tired but I was beaming from ear to ear and enjoyed every moment!!"

Joely: Warwick Goes Global – Sri Lankan edition

"One of my favourite things about Warwick is its internationalism but when I arrived three years ago, little did I realise how big a part of my life this would become and how much I would appreciate it...I can't imagine my time at Warwick without pretending not to have had my head blown off by some spicy Nigerian potatoes, having a Bollywood film night or being given a lift to campus by a German friend whose speedometer was in kilometers and therefore bore no resemblance to the speed limit."

Claudia: From Santiago de Chile to Siena Italy

"It seems absolutely surreal to think that the last time I was blogging, there I was sat in Santiago de Chile’s Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport (I know, what a name) contemplating my last six months spent 7,247.65 miles from home in South America (whilst admittedly restraining myself from bursting into tears at the thought of it all coming to an end)."

You can check out many more accounts of studying abroad here.

The region

There's more to Warwick than just what goes on around campus, and our pride in our inter-cultural activity is shared throughout the wider region.

From annual celebrations like Coventry and Leamington's Mela festivals, or the Positive Images festival, through to a Middle Eastern film festival, or Coventry's bid to become the UK City of Culture 2021 - there are lots of ways that the region celebrates the cultural traditions of its diverse communities.