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About the Care Leavers support

The University offers a wide variety of support for care leavers both pastorally, academically and financially.

If you have lived in care, either with foster carers or in a children’s home and you’re applying to the University of Warwick, we hope this information will help you know what additional support you are entitled to, if you wish to take advantage of this. This could include finance, accommodation and other support services. We know not all students will want to use our services and you are under no obligation to do so but we believe it is still useful to know exactly what is available and to keep updated, if you decide you need additional help or support at a later date.

We have a member of staff Baljit Gill who is the care leaver contact at the University. Baljit works in the Outreach Team and would be more than happy to help with any questions or queries you or your supporters may have.





Baljit Gill
Phone: 02476 574051



Contact Wellbeing Support Services to receive confidential advice and guidance about the support we can offer you. The team, based in Senate House,