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Work with the WP Team!

Across the academic year, there are several opportunities to work with the Widening Participation team, whether as a student mentor on one of our programmes, or as part of our summer residential team.

Current Opportunities

Click on the tabs on the right hand side to view the different opportunities that we offer.

Recruitment for Summer School ambassadors are currently closed. We expect to have more opportunities in September 2024.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or you would like to enquire about our roles please email us at:

Make a difference this academic year

Each year, the Widening Participation team runs multiple events across the year for pre- and post-16 students. These exciting programmes provide young people from underrepresented backgrounds invaluable insight into Higher Education.

The participants consistently highlight that student ambassadors are key in making these events such a success. Feedback includes comments such as they "had the best ambassadors ever at Warwick. They truly cared about us".

It's not just the students who get a lot out of it - these events are a great opportunity for you to develop a wide variety of skills, such as teamwork, empathy, resilience and communication.

Previous ambassadors have reported that "the ambassadors worked so well as a team and the kids were really thriving as a result. It was so rewarding!".

We have a number of roles for this upcoming Academic Year (2023/24), from working with primary school students to mentoring post-16s to summer school ambassadors. If you are interested in working with us, you will find all the information you need in the tabs above.

What skills have you developed?

"Leadership skills - taking control of a group and getting them focused on a task. Timekeeping - making sure tasks didn't overrun. Improvisation - if something went wrong, not being unnerved by it but rolling with the punches."

"I feel that my confidence & communication skills have increased. I feel more able to get on with the young people, and to talk to them on their level."

All of our Mentor roles are part of the Warwick Award

What have you enjoyed?

"Interacting with the young people and seeing them develop their confidence"

"Seeing the group grow as people; getting more confident and becoming closer friends as it went on"