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WP Mentors


There are three programmes that offer current Warwick students the opportunity to become a Mentor - join our team to share your passion about higher education and to inspire school students to consider university as a future pathway. Want to find out more? Contact the Outreach team to find out more before applying:

The roles:

Experience Warwick Mentoring

Support a group of young people to achieve their aspirations, make informed choices and develop their confidence through weekly interactive sessions in a local school during Spring Term. View the job description here.


This is an exciting time to join the UniTracks team! The programme has undergone a complete overhaul and we are effectively re-launching as a programme for pupils from Year 8 upward. View the job description here.

Academic Support Mentoring

For this opportunity, Mentors will be placed in a local secondary school to work with Year 11 pupils on a 1-1 basis, supporting them in their GCSE studies. View the job description here.

Warwick Welcome Service

If you feel that your current studies would not give you enough time to commit to one of these longer-term programmes, but you want to have a job that involves working with people, do consider applying to be a part of the Warwick Welcome Service, the team of enthusiastic current Warwick students who are the 'face of Warwick' to prospective students.

Applications are closed for 2021/22 entry

What have you enjoyed about your role as a mentor?

"I liked seeing the mentees grow as people, getting more confident and becoming closer friends as it went on. Their development aspect is key"

"As for what I’ve enjoyed about this role, it has to be the curiosity of the young people and seeing how eager they are to learn"

"Interacting with the young people and seeing them develop their confidence"

Key Information

Think about it. How did your aspirations develop? How did you make decisions about your future? What did you have to do to get to where you are today? How did you overcome the challenges you were faced with on the way? As a mentor, you will discover the potential of your personal story to inspire, encourage and impart confidence to young people from backgrounds currently underrepresented in Higher Education
    Mentoring means being people-focused. It's an opportunity to refine your passion for working with people. You will be exposed to new situations that will bring out your strengths, show you where your comfort zone is and what it takes to push yourself beyond your limits. You will receive support and professional guidance from staff through training, reflection opportunities and ongoing feedback.
      Your timetable means that work has to fit around your study commitments. That's what we offer you. Each mentoring programme is structured in a way that it won't impact upon your studies. At the same time, you will also be part of the Warwick Welcome Service team of Student Ambassadors which gives you access to a wide range of other ad-hoc work opportunities to supplement your mentoring role if you want to work more.
        Mentoring has many facets and provides you with a unique environment to develop lots of different key skills. You will learn what it takes to lead a group of young people, how to engage with a very diverse audience, put yourself in their shoes and respond to their challenges. You will develop as a team player, strengthen your organisational skills and also develop your resilience because working with young people takes tenacity and patience. You will be trained and supported by our staff to help you engage with your personal development as a mentor.
          All mentors are part of a professional team led by staff from the Outreach Team which gives you the opportunity to engage with other current students who share your passion, you will learn from each other and grow together as a team. You will share your professional learning experiences as a mentor, work through challenges together and have lots fun along the way!