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University Transition Support

Starting University

Starting university is an exciting time but we understand that it can also be challenging and it is normal to be a little nervous. The resources and information in the sections below have been put together to help you support you in your transition to university.

Each section includes a variety of resources including videos with advice from current students and links to websites with further information. You may find this webpage useful, not only in your first few weeks, but also throughout your University journey.

Academic Support at University

Learning at school and university is very different. This section includes resources to help you develop your study skills, tips on managing assignments and workload from current students. It also includes information about the roles of academics and staff you may encounter. There is also a jargon buster with terms associated with university.

Campus Life at University

There are so many amazing facilities on campus that you can explore. This section includes the campus map and information on key buildings, study spaces etc. There is also information on public transport and local areas to explore as the campus is so well connected. This section also includes some resources for students moving onto campus and advice for Welcome Week.

Wellbeing Support at University

While you’re at university it is important that you take care of both your physical and mental wellbeing. In this section there is information on how to access the Wellbeing Services and the self help resources. It also includes advice from current students on how to manage your wellbeing and how to make friends at university.

Careers and Extra Curricular Opportunities

There are so many opportunities to get involved with during your time at Warwick. This section gives an overview of some of the opportunities available to you such as societies, sport clubs, volunteering etc. It also focuses on the Careers Service and the support they offer to students all the way from career planning to applying for jobs, managing your time at University and how to find out more about the different employment sectors.

Survival Skills for University

During your time at university, there are will be life skills that you will develop alone the way. Whether you already know how to budget and cook, or you are a complete beginner, this section includes tips and resources on managing your money, cooking and more about renting off campus accommodation.

Commuter Students

Not all students move into campus accommodation, some students chose to commute to campus. This section includes useful information on travelling to university by bus, train, coach or car, some top tips from current students who commute and also information on study spaces for in between your contact hours.