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What is it that drives you?

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Warwick is a place of challenge, where we’ll encourage you to question your existing ideas and to stretch yourself academically. But we also want you to challenge us. We’re ready for you to ask us the tough questions; to help our teachers and researchers find new ways of inspiring and supporting you; to ensure we offer you opportunities to unlock your true potential.

If you’re motivated by intellectual curiosity, you’ll want to discover new ways of thinking. You’ll be enthusiastic for your learning to reach the next level. You can make that happen at Warwick, in a research-rich environment that nurtures your desire to ask questions and challenge convention. Relish the opportunity to develop alongside supportive, inspiring academic staff, who are making exciting breakthroughs that will help you add new depth and complexity to your existing knowledge. Work collaboratively alongside your fellow postgraduates, whose insights will help extend your own understanding.

Perhaps your focus is on getting ahead in a fast-moving world. If so, choosing a Russell Group that’s ever-present in the lists of the UK’s and the world’s greatest universities will give you the backing you need. At Warwick, you’ll enjoy a fulfilling student experience, with countless opportunities to improve your employability and broaden the range of career prospects open to you.

If you’re excited about conducting your own sustained research project, we can provide the tools and opportunities for you to make a significant impact, whether close to home or on a worldwide scale. Warwick is an institution renowned for the highest academic and research standards, superb resources and a record for achieving excellent results. We can help you to fulfil your international ambitions through well-signposted access into prestigious global research networks that are tackling some of the world’s greatest challenges.

Whatever your motivations, and whatever your background, you can feel at home here. Our welcoming campus is safe and supportive, but never dull, with new experiences around every corner. You’ll be part of a truly cosmopolitan student community, and enjoy easy access to top entertainment, culture and historical attractions in the local area. With world-class sporting facilities, a major arts centre and a huge choice of places to meet, eat and relax on your doorstep too, you’ll enjoy an experience that extends far beyond study.

One place can give you all of this. And that place will support you to fulfil your intellectual, personal and professional ambitions.

Welcome to Warwick.