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Frequently asked questions about applying to Warwick

If you have a question about applying for Postgraduate study at Warwick, you should check the section below as you may be able to find the information that you require. If you are not able to find the answer to your question, please contact the Postgraduate Admissions Service using the link in the Contact us box and we will be happy to assist.

Applying to Warwick

How do I apply?

You can find out how to apply online. If this is your first application, you will need to select the link for new users which will take you to the registration page to create an account. Once set up, you can log in and begin completing a new application.

How many courses can I apply for?

You may apply for as many courses as you wish, however you will need to complete a new application form for each course and an application assessment fee is payable for each taught application. If you are applying for a Postgraduate Taught course in WMG you will only be considered for ONE WMG course but may apply for an additional course in another department.

How do I access the Applicant Portal?

Once you have submitted your application and paid the application assessment fee (if applicable) you will receive an email acknowledgement confirming we have received your application. You will receive an additional email usually within 24 hrs with instructions on how to register to access the Applicant Portal.

When will I receive a decision on my application?

We appreciate that waiting for a decision can be frustrating and worrying, particularly at the present time, but please be assured our admissions team is working very hard to process applications and to respond to enquiries, as quickly as possible.

Will my application be considered differently because of the Covid-19 pandemic?

No. We are considering all applications fairly and making offers based on the same academic criteria as normal.

Email servers with problems receiving emails.

Applicants using email servers/providers,, and may have difficulty receiving email messages from the Admissions Service. Students should use their university email account or Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail or similar commercial email providers when making an application.

I have accidentally cancelled my application, can you retrieve it for me?

If you have clicked the ‘Cancel’ button when your application is open, you will have received a warning stating that all of your data will be lost. If you click the ‘OK’ button, your application will be deleted and cannot be retrieved.

How do I apply for the Master of Business Administration (MBA)?

There is a different application system for the MBA, which is administered by Warwick Business School. If you require further information about the MBA, please contact

How do I find a research supervisor?

If you are submitting an application for research, please ensure that you have located a suitable supervisor for your intended area of study, before you submit your application.. Please note that the Postgraduate Admissions Service is not permitted to locate a suitable research supervisor on your behalf.

How can I log back into my application?

You can log back into the Applicant Portal at any time. You will be able to see all of your applications and the status of each one. If you haven’t yet submitted the application, click on the link to open it to review and continue completing it. If you have submitted your application, you will no longer be able to open or change it. We will keep you updated by email about your application.

I have forgotten my login details, what should I do?

The Applicant Portal has a ‘forgotten your password’ link which will email you a new password. Please enter the password manually, as copying and pasting it can sometimes generate an error. If you do not receive the requested new password, this is because it is automatically sent to the email address you used to register an account and this will have contained an error. If this is the case, please register a new account with a different email address.

How long should my personal statement be if I am uploading it with my application?

If you are entering your personal statement in the space provided on the Employment section of the application form, there is a character limit of 4500 (including spaces). If your personal statement is longer than this, please upload it via the clipboard icon on the same page, which has a file size limit of 2Mb.

Can I change the information I entered in my application?

If you haven’t yet submitted your application, you can log back into your application and amend the details. Once you have submitted your application and paid the application assessment fee, if applicable, you will need to contact the PG Admissions Team which is dealing with your application. Their contact details will be in your application acknowledgment email. If you have submitted your application, but not paid the application assessment fee, if applicable, you can submit a new application, as your first application will automatically expire after twenty working days of non-payment of the fee.

I have submitted an application for a taught master’s programme in error, what should I do?

Please ignore the automated application assessment fee payment reminder emails you receive (do not pay the fee) and your submitted application will become void twenty working days after submitting it. Please submit a new application (you don’t have to wait until your submitted application becomes void). If you log back into your registration account, any new application you create will automatically contain most of the data you entered on your first form, so you won’t have to enter all of the information again. When you pay the application assessment fee, please ensure that you select the correct application.

I have submitted an application for research or a Postgraduate Award (PGA) in error, what should I do?

As these applications do not incur an application assessment fee, your application will have been fully processed onto our system. Please refer to your application acknowledgement email and contact the PG Admissions Team which is dealing with your application. This information will be in your application acknowledgement email, which is sent within approximately 24 hours of submitting an application.

I have changed my email address, can I update it?

Unfortunately we cannot change the email address which is used for your login to the Applicant Portal. However all correspondence will be sent to the contact email addresses you provided in your application. If you haven’t yet submitted your application, you can change the email addresses in your application yourself before you submit it. Once you have submitted your application you can log into the Applicant Portal to update your email addresses. If you are using a,, or email address as your contact address, we would recommend changing this to a different provider as you may not receive all communications from us. Please remember to check your Applicant Portal regularly for messages from the Admissions Service.

I accidently applied for the wrong course, what should I do?

If you haven’t yet submitted your application, you can change the course you wish to apply for yourself. You can do this by logging into the Applicant Portal, clicking on your application to open it and then edit the course information section.

If you have already submitted your application and paid the application assessment fee, if applicable, please contact the PG Admissions Team which is dealing with your application in the first instance. The team’s contact details are contained in your application acknowledgment email. We will then be able to advise you how we can go about changing the course on your application. In some instances, we may need to withdraw your application and require you to complete a new one.

Can you send me a copy of my offer by post?

The offer emails we send have The University of Warwick letter head at the top so that they can be printed out. The admissions service is currently working remotely due to Covid-19 so is not able to post documents. Please note that hardcopies of offers are not required for Visa applications.

What is the deadline for submitting documents?

The deadline for submitting documents and meeting conditions will be stated at the top of your offer letter if you are successfully made an offer for the course which you have applied to. We advise all applicants meet all conditions as soon as they are able to. For international applicants requiring a visa to study in the UK, we advise that conditions are met no later than 4 weeks before the start of the course to allow enough time to receive a CAS and submit a visa application, and prepare to study at Warwick.

Can you work out my grade equivalency?

Our Office for Global Engagement offers guidance regarding grade equivalencies. If you need further information, you can contact them on their website.

Admissions decisions are made based on complete applications and take into consideration a number of factors including qualifications currently being studied or already obtained, personal statement, references and level of English language. We therefore recommend that applicants submit an application and full supporting documents.

Is there a January intake?

If you want to study a Postgraduate Taught course (MSc/MA/MRes), the start date is in the September or October of the academic year, which is the only intake. Most Postgraduate Research courses have start dates that are agreed with your department and supervisor and are normally commence on the 1st of the month.

When can I apply for the next academic year?

The majority of applicants submit applications between September and January for the following academic year though it may be possible to submit an application earlier if the online form allows it.

When can I start my postgraduate study at Warwick?

Whilst most full-time taught courses start at the beginning of October each year, many part-time taught courses and research degrees have flexible start dates. Please contact your chosen department for more information. Some courses are extremely popular e.g. MBAs, MSc in Economics, MSc in Finance and Economics, MSc in Finance, MSc in Management and MSc in Business Analytics and Consulting. Entry to such degrees is highly competitive and an early application is strongly advised.

Before you apply

What courses are available/ can you suggest a course for me?

See our Postgraduate courses available for applications.. Unfortunately the Admissions Service is not able to offer advice on the suitability of courses or whether or not you are likely to receive an offer prior to submitting an application. The Warwick website and department pages in particular contain specific information about courses. You should start your search at the course listings at the link above.

Can I study part-time?

Some postgraduate courses can be taken by part-time study but you should contact the academic department concerned to see if this is possible for the course you wish to study. A small number of courses are available via Distance Learning, including MBA, MA Education, MA Educational Innovation and MA Islamic Education. Unless the course is specifically designed for part-time study, taught courses will normally include some compulsory day time teaching.

If you are an international student you may be able to study part-time depending on your visa restrictions. The University of Warwick does not sponsor students for part-time study wanting to study with on a student route visa.

Do you accepting visiting postgraduate students?

If you are a postgraduate student from another UK university or from an international higher education institution you can apply to study as a visiting student for a period up to 12 months. As a visiting student you will not be registered for a formal University qualification but you can, with agreement of the relevant academic staff, follow individual taught courses or undertake a period of supervised research.

If you are an international student you may be able to study part-time depending on your visa restrictions. The University of Warwick does not sponsor students for part-time study wanting to study with a student route visa.

Can I defer my offer?

Some departments allow applicants to defer their offer (not application) to a later date or by one academic year. Please complete the Postgraduate Enquiry Form to request to defer your offer. Some of the documents submitted as part of your application may no longer be valid for the following academic year. The Admissions Service will consider this when deferring your application and may ask you to meet some conditions again, for example if your English language certificate is no longer valid. Departments usually only allow applicants to defer once.

Can I change the start date?

If you are intending to start a Postgraduate Research degree, it may be possible to change your start date. This will need to be agreed with your academic department and supervisor. If you are an international student requiring a visa, you should request any changes to dates before requesting a CAS. Taught courses usually have a fixed start date in September/October each academic year. If you are holding an offer and are not able to attend at the start of the course, you should contact your academic department to request to defer your application.

Students with Disabilities and Specific Learning Difficulties

The University welcomes applications from disabled people and those with specific learning difficulties and considers them on the same academic grounds as other candidates. Many such students have successfully pursued postgraduate study at Warwick.

In order that the University can provide appropriate advice and guidance on the services and facilities available, it is helpful for us to know in advance if you have a disability or specific learning difficulty.Potential applicants with a disability should contact Disability Services (tel: +44 (0)24 7615 0641 or email:

It is also helpful to approach the academic department concerned before submitting a formal application. There are a number of specially converted rooms in the campus residences for those with disabilities and accommodation is also available for full-time carers.

How do I book accommodation?

Warwick Accommodation service manage the booking of accommodation for students at the University. There is information on the Warwick Accommodation website which discusses the different options available to Postgraduate students, the application process and when to expect a decision.

What is the reading list and when will I receive it?

Most departments have reading lists available through Warwick Library. You can view current reading lists online. If you are not able to find information relating to modules in your course please contact your department directly who will provide this to you.

Application Assessment Fee

How much is the application assessment fee?

The application fee for postgraduate taught courses is £60 for an online application and £80 for a paper based application. Master of Research (MRes) courses are classed as taught courses due to the taught elements of the course. There is no application fee for postgraduate research applications or Postgraduate Awards (PGAs).

How do I pay the application assessment fee?

The fee can be paid online by card at the end of the application submission process, or up to twenty working days after you have submitted your application. Please log back into your registration account and click on the ‘Pay application fee’ link next to your submitted application.

Can I pay the application assessment fee by other methods?

You can find further information on available methods of payment on our admissions page. Your application will be held for twenty working days to allow for the fee payment to be made, after which it will automatically become void and you will need to submit a new one.

Can I pay the application assessment fee by direct bank transfer?

We are unable to accept direct bank transfers as a method of payment for the application assessment fee.

Can the application assessment fee be waived?

The University will consider requests to waive the application fee. Please complete the appropriate web request form when submitting the application. This can be found within the online Applicant Portal.

Can my employer/sponsor pay the application assessment fee for me?

Your employer/sponsor can pay the fee by credit or debit card over the phone by calling the Postgraduate Admissions Service, they will need your 13 digit application receipt number, your full name, date of birth and programme you have applied for. Alternatively, they can send a cheque made payable to ‘The University of Warwick’ to the Postgraduate Admissions Service with your details (as above) on the reverse.

Have you received my application assessment fee payment?

If you have successfully paid the application assessment fee online, you will be sent an automated payment receipt email containing a payment transaction reference number.

I have paid the application assessment fee more than once in error, can I have a refund?

A refund can be issued for excess payments if you send all of your application assessment fee payment transaction reference numbers to appquery at warwick dot ac dot uk.

How can I request an Application Assessment Fee waiver?

You can submit a request to waive your Application Assessment Fee as part of the application process at the end of the application form.

Supporting Documents and Academic Qualifications

How important is the Personal Statement?

Your Statement of Purpose, or Personal Statement, is a vital part of your Postgraduate application at the University of Warwick. Check out the Personal Statement Guide to help you submit a strong personal statement.

How do I upload documents to support my application?

Please upload English language certificates and non-academic supporting documents through the Applicant Portal. Scans of the academic documents can be uploaded with your application. Successful applicants who receive an offer of a place will be provided with access to the Postgraduate Offer Holder page which will include details on how to meet academic conditions.

I am having problems uploading my documents

Please use your Applicant Portal to upload documents. You should be able to upload as many documents as required. If you are experiencing difficulty with the document upload facility please submit an enquiry through the Postgraduate Admissions Service enquiry form at the bottom of this page.

I’ve been asked to supply additional information for my application but cannot do so because of the Covid-19 pandemic, what should I do?

Please do not worry. Let us know if you are not able to provide the documents requested by speaking to one of our colleagues on the Live Chat. We can add this information to your application so that the course selector is able to see it quickly.

Have you received my supporting documents?

The Postgraduate Admissions Service will contact you by email to acknowledge receipt of any documents that you have submitted. If you are a conditional offer holder, they will confirm whether or not your documents meet the conditions. At peak times in July and August there may be a slight delay in confirming receipt of your documents.

How can I send my supporting documents?

Once you have submitted your application, and paid the application assessment fee, if required, you will be sent an acknowledgement email which will include information on how to access the Applicant Portal. Please use the portal to upload as many documents as required. Find out more about submitting documents to meet the academic conditions of your offer

What is an attested copy/attestation?

Attested documents are 'official' copies of your original documents that have been verified by either your university, British Council, solicitor, lawyer or official notary. Each page of the copy of the document should include an official stamp, confirmation that the original has been seen and contact details of the attesting officer. If you are in the UK, the Post Office offer this service for a small fee. The University accepts scans of original documents to support your application so you are not likely to be asked to provide attested copies.

How will I get my supporting documents back?

There is no requirement to post documents to the University as we accept scanned uploads of your original certificates and transcripts. The Admissions Service is continuing to work away from campus due to the ongoing coronavirus so is not able to return any documents posted to the University. If you have posted documents and require these to be returned, please contact the Admissions Service and we can advise when this is likely to happen.

Can I send you a scan of my supporting documents?

The Postgraduate Admissions Service can accept scanned copies of English Language certificates uploaded through the document upload facility. Referees should submit references through the reference portal and original (or attested copied of) degree certificate/transcripts should be used to meet academic conditions.

Can I send you my academic qualifications by email?

Unfortunately we are not able to accept academic qualifications by email. Please upload scans of your documents through the Applicant Portal.

What supporting documents should I send?

We require scanned original certificates or transcripts that confirm your academic qualifications. We can verify English language scores online. There is no need to post English language certificates to the University as you can upload a scan of your certificate through the Applicant Portal.

Do I need to send anything else?

A supporting statement (also known as a statement of purpose/purpose of study) is required by the Course Selector in order to consider your application. A CV is also useful to the Course Selector, although not mandatory. Research applicants should submit a research proposal outlining their intended area of research.

Can I bring my documents to the University?

The Student Reception is not currently able to receive documents to support your application.


Reference guide.

See our Guide to References on the Postgraduate apply pages for further information about reference requirements.

Fees and Funding

Where can I find out information about fees and funding?

Visit our postgraduate student funding advice

Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS)

When will I receive my CAS? How do I request my CAS?

Once you have received an unconditional offer and you are within 3-4 months of the start of your course you will receive an email to confirm the personal details that the University holds about you. Once you confirm your details are correct, you will be directed through to the CAS request form. Please complete the form as fully as possible as the University will use this form to assess your eligibility for student route sponsorship. Typically, where no further information is required, these are usually processed within 10 working days of receipt of the request form. Further information can be found on the Warwick Immigration Service pages.

Can I have a joint/combined CAS that covers both Pre-sessional and my main Postgraduate course?

If an applicant has received an offer for their main Postgraduate course, it may be possible to issue a joint/combined CAS that covers both Pre-sessional English and main course. The Postgraduate Admissions Service will contact applicants by email before the University starts to issue CAS to those students starting the Pre-sessional English course. Visit the Pre-sessional English CAS eligibility page to see if you are likely to receive a joint or single CAS. Pre-sessional English language- Joint or Single CAS?

What do I do if my visa is refused?

If your visa application is refused you should contact Warwick Immigration Service. Warwick Immigration Service will assess your eligibility for a new CAS. In some cases this may not be possible.

Can I use a CAS more than once?

A CAS number can only be used once and must be from the University you intend to study at. If your visa application is refused you should contact Warwick Immigration Service and attach all pages from the visa refusal notice to request a new CAS.

My passport number has changed, do I need a new CAS?

If you have renewed your passport you do not need a new CAS. Please send a scan of the new passport to pg dot visa at warwick dot ac dot uk and we will add a sponsor note confirming this change. The UKVI allow amendments to the information on your CAS as long as your visa application is not in the advanced stages and has “USED” status.

There is a mistake on my CAS, do I need a new CAS?

If there is a mistake on your CAS please contact pg dot visa at warwick dot ac dot uk as soon as possible. We can then assess whether or not you require a new CAS. In most cases we can add a sponsor note to your CAS correcting the mistake. The UKVI allow amendments to the information on your CAS as long as your visa application is not in the advanced stages and has “USED” status.

I have made a tuition fee payment, do I need a new CAS?

If you have made a tuition fee payment you do not require a new CAS. The Student Finance team can update this information on your CAS once the payment has reached the University of Warwick accounts. Please contact studentfinance at warwick dot ac dot uk for further information.

I have a scholarship but it is not appearing on my CAS. What do I do?

If you have been awarded a scholarship and this does not appear on your CAS, please contact studentfinance at warwick dot ac dot uk as soon as possible. It may be that your department has not informed admissions or student finance regarding your award. We are able to add University of Warwick scholarships and awards to your CAS, however external scholarships should be evidenced with official documentation and will not be included on your CAS.

English Language Requirements

What are the English Language requirements?

The University requires evidence that your English Language capability is of a level that will enable you to succeed on your chosen course of postgraduate study. We therefore have English Language entry requirements based on minimum standards. There are a number of tests that students can take to meet the English requirements of the course. Please provide your most recent English language test.

What is Pre-Sessional English? Am I eligible?

Pre-sessional English is an academic English language and study skills programme. It prepares you linguistically and culturally for your future degree studies and gives you a chance to settle into your life in and around the University. Pre-sessional English is for students whose first language is not English and who have a conditional offer to study for a degree at the University of Warwick or other UK university that requires them to attend the course or recommends that they do so. The course is also for students who need to acquire well-developed academic English and study skills and who wish to become familiar with British university culture and life before beginning their studies.

If you will require a visa to study the Pre-sessional course at Warwick, you must have a Secure English Language Test (SELT). Currently the UKVI IELTS test is the only English language test (SELT) recognised by the UK Visas and Immigration Service.

Is my English Language Qualification valid?

All accepted tests must have been taken within two years and one month of the start date of your course at Warwick. Please provide your most recent English language test.

Can my English condition be waived?

In a small number of cases, your department can contact Admissions to request an English language waiver in support of your application. This will normally be based on established proficiency in the English language and will require you to provide evidence. Please contact your department for advice. In most cases applicants are required to provide one of the accepted English language tests to meet the English language conditions.

I studied my course in English, do I need to take an English language test?

If you have completed a Bachelor degree level (or higher) course in the UK within the last 2 years from the start of your new course, this may be sufficient to meet the language conditions of your offer.

What is the deadline for meeting the English language requirements?

You must meet all conditions of your offer by the date stated in your offer. If you are an international student requiring a visa to study in the UK, you must meet all conditions in enough time to complete the CAS request process and visa application process to enable you to travel to the UK to start your course. It is recommended that all conditions are met 4 weeks prior to the start date of the course.

Enrolment at Warwick

Where can I find out more about enrolment?

Frequently asked questions relating to Enrolment can be found on the Warwick Enrolment website.

When can I enrol?

The University Enrolment Team will contact you by email with enrolment instructions approximately 4 – 6 weeks before your course starts.

I’m having difficulty enrolling. What should I do?

The Enrolment Team have provided detailed Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). You should check this page first to see if there is a solution to your issue with the enrolment process. If you are not able to resolve your issue from the FAQS, you can contact the enrolment team.

Graduate Entry Medicine (MBChB)

How do I apply?

You must apply through the Universities Central Admissions Service (UCAS) and submit your application between the 1st September and the 15th October. Applications by any other route, or submitted after the deadline, will not be accepted and the University does not accept deferred entry or transfers from other programmes. Find out more about applying to Warwick.

Application deadlines for September/October 2023 entry:

3rd October 2022:

Applications open

2nd August 2023:

Applications close for students requiring a visa to study.

Some courses have specific deadlines which will be detailed on the department’s website. Applications will close on 2 August 2023 for students who require a visa to study in the UK, to allow time to receive a CAS and complete the visa application process.