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Living costs

Beyond the academic fees that you pay for your programme of study, the other main cost for postgraduate students will be your living expenses. These include key aspects such as your accommodation fees if you choose to live on campus or rent for those living off campus, food, books and other general expenditure such as clothes or leisure.


A large part of your living costs will be your accommodation. Postgraduate students either live on campus in our university accommodation or off campus. More information on the cost of accommodation can be found on the Warwick accommodation website.

Other essential costs

You will also need to allow for other essentials. The table below provides guidelines for estimated costs you can expect whilst living and studying at Warwick as a postgraduate student. Students undertaking Postgraduate Research Programmes should consider budgeting additional costs to cover research-related field trips, visits to off-campus libraries and attendance at conferences. The costs given below are for a single student for 12 months.

  Average estimated expenditure
Food and toiletries £3,050
Books and materials £520
Other general expenditure (including clothing, phone calls,  
laundry, insurance, trips/holidays, entertainment, travel) £2,775
Total yearly expenditure

International students

For visa purposes, you will need to show the UKVI that you have enough money in your bank account to support yourself during your time in the UK. The exact figure that you will need to show varies depending upon a number of factors. For details of how much money you are required to show to evidence your maintenance for your visa application, please see financial evidence required for a Student Visa application.

You may also consider planning additional funds for costs such as travel to your home country and international telephone calls. Our international study website also offers advice and information for international students.


Those with children who are undertaking postgraduate studies should know that help and financial support are available, both from the Government and the University. For more information, see childcare provision.

The Warwick budget calculator

The online Warwick budget calculator can help you manage your money through the year. The calculator is also available to download as a handy app!

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