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Parent/Guardian Information and Consent

Student participation in the University of Warwick’s Pre-University Summer School programme requires consent from the parent or guardian.

By paying the programme fee the parent/guardian implicitly accepts the terms contained within the parent/guardian consent form.

We also ask that the parent/guardian signs the declaration at the end of this form to provide explicit consent, and to acknowledge they have read the information provided below.

Summary of responsibilities


It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to:

• Review this document, any pre-course information sent, and the website information to ensure they understand the
nature of the programme their child is enrolling into and it's suitability for them.

• Recognise that a certain level of maturity, independence and responsibility is required of students to manage
periods of unsupervised free time, adherence to the code of conduct and meeting curfew times (for residential

• Ensuring they understand any restrictions on travel due to Covid 19 and how that impacts on their child.

Summer School staff

It is the responsibility of Summer School staff to:

• Fully support students to ensure they get the most out of the programme through having a team of trained and
experienced staff on hand throughout the programme

• Ensure that students are supervised during timetabled teaching activities, course excursions and in student

• Ensure that a comprehensive risk assessment is in place for the course, including any special measures in place for any unsupervised time the students will have throughout the course

• Provide emergency contact details to all students throughout the programme (including 24 hour support for
residential students).


• The Pre-University Summer School programme team are required to have an enhanced DBS check valid within the last 3 years.

• Members of the Pre-University Summer School programme team are required to complete the University’s safeguarding training programme.

• All student ambassadors working on Pre-University Summer School are required to have an enhanced DBS
check valid within the past 2 years. The student ambassadors are current Warwick students and have been recruited
based on experience and ability to enhance student experience of the course.

Supervision, attendance and wellbeing

• Students will have an induction session and campus tours to help them enjoy their time on campus during the

• Students will be supervised during all timetabled activities by a team of trained Summer School ambassadors and/or

• Summer School staff will assume responsibility for students on the programme from either the point at which they
arrive for registration on day 1 of the programme, or when they meet staff at the allocated airport pick-up point,
whichever is earliest contact with Summer School staff. This responsibility will continue until either 10am on day 11 of
the programme, or until the airport drop off, whichever is the latest contact point with Summer School staff.

• Where there is allocated free time, students will always have regular check in times/curfew with a member of the
Summer School team and they will be advised of emergency contact numbers so they can always reach a member of
staff. Alternatively, students will have the option to stay with a member of the Summer School team should they wish.

• Student accommodation will be single sex and there will be at least one student ambassador in each flat.

• All classes will have a regular register of attendance taken and if a student is not present a Summer School team member will contact the student directly. In the case that the student does not respond the Summer School team will contact the parent/guardian.

• During the programme students can speak to any member of the Summer School team or Summer
School ambassadors about any concerns or questions.

• Students will have the pastoral support of a dedicated Summer School ambassadors (max 1:12 ratio) and this
ambassador will provide a detailed orientation on arrival day and be the first point of contact to assist with students’
concerns throughout the programme.

• While on campus, students will have the support of Community Safety 24/7. Amongst other things, Community Safety
patrol campus and residential halls, provide wellbeing support for all students on campus and deal with any
anti-social behaviour.

Communications, social media and IT

• Parents and guardians are required to give at least 24 hours’ notice if they require their child to miss any part
of the scheduled programme. It is advised that this is only requested in exceptional circumstances.

• All parents should be aware that for the purposes of supervision and effective communication students will be asked to join a communication platform using their personal mobile phone number with their class/pastoral group and their assigned student ambassador, which will be accessed via their mobile phone. This should be used for essential information only (updated meeting times, locations etc.) and the conversation history will be available to members of the Pre-University Summer School Team upon request.

• Students will have access to University computers while on campus. Please be aware that these facilities are subject to the University’s Acceptable Use Policy, but that there are no parental controls on these networks.

Student information

• We will email students key information about their programme in the lead up to the start date and throughout the
duration of the course.

• In order to ensure the safety, security and enjoyment of all students on Pre-University Summer School it is
important that we collect key information, such as contact email and telephone numbers, emergency contact details and medical and dietary information, from each student. It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to ensure that all information provided is accurate and up to date.

Image usage

• The Summer School team may document some of the programme with photos and video. These are used primarily for promotional purposes or to distribute to participants as keepsakes from the programme.

• Students will be asked to sign an online image consent form for this purpose.

Insurance and Medical support

• We strongly advise all applicants to speak with appropriate travel/medical insurers to identify and
take out the appropriate level of insurance to cover their individual needs and requirements.

• If students require any medical attention they will be supported in seeking the appropriate care from a local pharmacy, or an NHS walk in clinic. If relevant, it is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to ensure that adequate medical insurance has been arranged to cover any charges that may be incurred.

Travel and Transport

• During the Pre-University Summer School Programme, students will be participating in activities “off campus” or
moving between the dual locations for the course (University of Warwick/London). The cost of this travel is included in
programme fee. Most of the time, students will be transported via coaches which will be arranged with a suitable local
transport company, with appropriate insurance in place. However, please note that while in London, it is more efficient
to travel via public transport such as the London underground, overground and bus services. In these instances
students will be accompanied by Summer School ambassadors.

Student behaviour

• The University of Warwick wants every student to benefit from the experience so all participants will be expected
to show responsible behaviour, as well as respect for the rights of other students and Summer School staff.

• All students must conduct themselves in a reasonable manner that is compliant with UK legislation.

• In addition, all students must abide by the Student Code of Conduct, which covers the main rules and regulations of the programme including our zero tolerance policy for the purchase, possession or consumption of alcohol or drugs at any time during the programme.

• Parents must ensure they have reviewed the Student Code of Conduct and discussed it with their child.

• In the event of serious incidents of misbehaviour, such as fighting, abuse of any kind or the use of illegal
substances, the student(s) concerned will not be allowed to continue on the Summer School and their
parents/guardian will be contacted for withdrawal from the programme. It will then be the responsibility of
the parent/guardian to make arrangements for travel home.

• The University of Warwick will accept no liability or cost associated with removal from the programme as a result of
breaking the Code of Conduct or in the event of serious incidents of misbehaviour


Parent/Guardian Consent Form and Student Details