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Student Code of Conduct


All students on any Pre-University Summer programme must abide by the rules and regulations of the programme, as set out in this code of conduct. Participation in the programme is subject to the review and acceptance of the terms of this code of conduct.

Expected behaviour

The University of Warwick wants all students to benefit from the Pre-University Summer School and to enjoy this new experience. The University expects that students will conduct themselves in a reasonable manner that is compliant with UK legislation. The University expects that students will act in a sensitive, considerate and responsible manner at all times. You will also be expected to show respect for the rights of other students and all Summer School staff. The University does not tolerate any verbal or physical conduct that demeans others because of their race, gender, ethnic background, religion or sexual orientation.

Rules and Regulations

For health and safety reasons, and for all students to have the opportunity to benefit from and to enjoy the programme, the following rules and regulations will be in operation:
• Students must attend all timetabled activities.
• Students are expected to engage seriously in their course through class participation and the completion of any assigned work. Disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated.
• Students are not allowed to leave the Summer School site without the permission and/or supervision of appropriate Summer School staff.
• On occasions where students are given ‘free time’ they must adhere to instructions regarding meeting points and times.
• Students must observe curfew rules every evening, which will be outlined on the first day.
• There will be separate male and female accommodation areas, and males and females are required to keep to their own accommodation areas.
• Students are expected to follow any emergency procedure, such as a fire drill, as directed by Summer School staff.
• Mobile phones must be switched off during all timetabled sessions and activities, unless otherwise directed.
• Alcohol must NOT be brought onto the Summer School site or consumed at any point (on or off site) during the Summer School.
• The purchase or use of any illegal substances is strictly forbidden.
• The purchase or procurement of alcohol or tobacco products is strictly forbidden for anyone on the programme.
• Throughout the Summer School, staff will explain some additional rules and regulations that will apply to activities currently being planned. It is expected that you will adhere to them for your own health and safety, and that of other students and staff.


Failure to behave appropriately, or to comply with the above rules and regulations, will result in a verbal warning and automatic suspension of free time privilege. If the misconduct is repeated, or for incidents of a serious nature, parents and/or the student’s school will be contacted and this may result in exclusion from the programme.

Serious incidents of misbehaviour

In the event of serious incidents of misbehaviour, such as fighting, abuse of any kind or the use of illegal substances, the student(s) concerned will not be allowed to continue on the Summer School and their parents/carers will be contacted for withdrawal from the programme. No portion of the programme fee will be refunded to a student who has been dismissed.


Student Declaration