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After you have applied

After you have applied to Warwick

We hope this information offers some helpful guidance. If you have any further questions, please join one of our regular live chats.

About your application

The time it takes to make a decision varies from application to application. We are committed to giving equal consideration to all applications that reach us by the UCAS deadline of 31 January 2024 at 18:00.

If your application was submitted by 18:00 on 31 January we will make a decision by 16 May at the latest.

See our timeline for more details.

Please bear with us if you do not hear straight away, you can be assured that your application is being considered.

Does it matter if I apply early?

We rigorously apply the same selection criteria to all applications received at UCAS before the equal consideration deadline in January. A number of decisions on earlier applications cannot be confirmed until we have received, and had time to consider, all applications received up to the January deadline.

What if you need further information?

If we require any further information from you in order to progress your application we will be in touch by email using the address listed on UCAS.

Please ensure that your email account is configured to accept messages from addresses.

A small number of courses hold interviews, at which candidates are also able to visit the department and the University. Alternative arrangements will be made for those who do not live in the UK.

You should make the most of the interview to obtain further information about the course (including teaching methods) and University and to determine whether it is suitable for you. Also, use the interview to communicate important information about yourself and to expand on areas that you have covered in the personal statement section of your UCAS application form.

Further information about the courses for which interviews are held is included in the prospectus entry of the relevant department. In addition to interviews for these courses, those returning to study and applicants who will be under 18 at the start of their course may also be offered an interview.

Please note that as all decisions are communicated to applicants via UCAS; course selectors cannot make official offers at interview.

Once the course selector has made their decision, we will send it to UCAS. UCAS will inform you of our decision via the UCAS Hub.

If you are successful in your application, we will send you an email with details of the offer we have made. Please ensure that your email account is configured to accept messages from addresses. If you receive an offer through UCAS but haven't had an email from Warwick within one week, please contact us.

Depending on the practice in the department you have applied to, you may receive an invitation to a Departmental Open Day, where you can meet some of the academic staff involved in teaching your chosen course and ask any questions you may have. Departmental Open Days typically take place from December to June. We encourage candidates to attend Departmental Open Days, even if they have already attended a general Warwick University Open Day.

If you are not successful in your application, you will be notified of this by UCAS with a reason for our decision. Decisions are often made on a highly competitive basis and therefore we are often unable to make offers to all applicants who meet, or even exceed, the typical entry requirements.

We are sorry if you have received an unsuccessful decision on your application via UCAS. Our courses are extremely competitive, and unfortunately we are not able to make offers to all applicants who meet, or even exceed, the typical entry requirements.

The reason for our decision is communicated via UCAS. If you wish to request more detailed feedback, please contact the Undergraduate Admissions Team. Feedback will not be provided verbally so we will follow up your request with written feedback only. For reasons of Data Protection we can only provide feedback directly to the applicant, however either the applicant or their UCAS nominated contact/approved agent can request feedback.

The University of Warwick does not permit appeals against academic decisions made on applications. However, if you wish to make a complaint about how your application has been handled or feel that we have not followed proper procedure, then please see our complaints procedure for how to do this. Note that complaints must be received in a timely manner, and only the applicant, not a third party such as a parent or school, may raise a formal complaint under this procedure.