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Virtual Open Days FAQs

How can we help?


Where do I get started?

In order to access Warwick’s Virtual Open Days, you will need to book your place. You can do this via From here, you can choose the sessions that you want to attend.

How do I choose my sessions?

Follow this process:

  1. Make sure you book your place on the Virtual Open Days site here
  2. Fill in your details on the booking form.
  3. You will then receive a confirmation email which will contain a link to the Agenda page on the Virtual Open Days site to choose your sessions.
  4. Pick the session you want to attend - you will see a small seat icon on the top left hand side of your chosen session which will book your place onto this session.
  5. You can then repeat this process and choose further sessions using the above points.

I’m logged out but I’m trying to choose a session. How can I get back in?

Make sure you are logged in to choose your sessions. To do this, don’t input your email address again on the Agenda page, go back to the confirmation email in your inbox and repeat the process detailed above.

My confirmation email hasn't come through, what shall I do?

Be sure to check your spam or junk folder in your inbox first to see if it is in there. If your email is not in there and has not come through, contact us on with your name and the email address you booked through and we will help to resolve this for you.

How can I see the sessions I have chosen in one place?

Under the Agenda tab, you will see ‘My Registered Sessions’ on the far right. Under this, you will see all the sessions you have chosen so far. We recommend you add your sessions to your own personal calendar to get reminders of what sessions you have booked. You can do this by clicking ‘Add to Calendar’ and you can choose to add to your Google, Outlook, iCal or Yahoo account.

I want to change my mind, how do I cancel a session or pick a new one?

You can remove yourself from a session at any time and this will open a space for someone else. To do this, go to ‘My Registered Sessions’, and click the seat icon on the top left. You will then be prompted to confirm if you wish to remove the session from your schedule or keep this in. You can choose any additional sessions you want, as long as there are spaces still available on your chosen session.

My chosen session is full, what do I do?

We have over 80 sessions running on our virtual open day, so just because one session is full, it doesn’t mean that they all will be. You can search for all sessions your chosen subject is running through the following methods:

  • Use the search bar in the ‘Agenda’ tab. Or,
  • Click on ‘Subjects’ or ‘Life at Warwick’, choose a subject and you’ll find a link to all sessions that are being run by that subject or department. Click on this link and you’ll see a pre-filtered agenda with just their sessions.

Is there a cut-off point for registration or choosing any sessions?

You can book onto our Virtual Open Days anytime between now and Wednesday 2 December 2020 which is when we are running these events. Once you have booked your place you can choose any session, as long as there are spaces still available.

Accessing sessions

Where do I find the link to join my chosen session?

You can access the link to your session in the following ways:

  • Go to ‘My Registered Sessions’ under the Agenda tab to view your session link.
  • Follow the link to your session from your personal calendar if you have added this in after your booking.
  • Follow the link you received in the email you received after booking

When can I access my sessions?

You are able to enter the virtual room from 2 minutes before your session is due to start.

What devices can I use to access the Virtual Open Days?

You can access the Virtual Open Days through the webpage on a desktop computer, laptop, or mobile device. 

You also have the option of downloading an app to your mobile or tablet to access your sessions. We recommend you download the app in advance of your first session to get set up. You can find the download for the app in the link above, or search Bizzabo Ltd. In the app store.

Will you send me a reminder before my session starts?

Email reminders are not sent automatically. We recommend that you add your chosen sessions to your personal calendar; and set up an alert.

I can't attend the sessions I've booked, what do I do?

We are running multiple sessions over four days so if you have a last minute commitment, you may be able to choose a similar session on another day. All of the sessions are being recorded so you can view it at anytime afterward.

I’ve missed a session and any alternatives are full, what do I do?

All our sessions will be recorded so you can go back and watch the session at any time an hour after the session is over. As long as you have a booking on our Virtual Open Days site, you can do this.

I'm having problems accessing my sessions, what do I do?

Please try the following troubleshooting if you experience problems accessing your sessions:

  • Clearing cache/cookies on your browser history
  • Make sure cookies are not being blocked on your browser
  • Try from another browser (ideally Chrome if possible)
  • Try "Incognito" mode on Google Chrome

I was having technical issues and I have missed my session, what should I do?

Have a look back at the site as there are many of the same sessions running across the four event days so you should be able to rebook. All of the sessions are being recorded so you can view it at any time.

I've just logged on and the session I want to attend is in 10 minutes time, can I still get into the session?

In order for you to access the sessions you have to book your place by registering on the Virtual Open Days site; as long as you've done this you can book on and enter any session up to 2 minutes before it starts.

Can I access the recordings of the sessions once the Virtual Open Days have finished?

You have to register your details and be booked onto our Virtual Open Days in order to access the recordings of the sessions which have taken place over the two weeks. If you have not booked a place, you will not be able to access these recordings. Please note that recordings will be available for 3 weeks post event.


How do I stay safe in the online sessions?

  • When joining the session, you will be asked to enable your webcam and microphone. Please do not do this unless you are attending an interactive taster/seminar session. Any questions you have can asked in the live chat text boxes.
  • Moderators will not enable your microphones and webcam, should you happen to leave them on, unless you join an interactive taster/seminar session
  • Any comments you post in the Room Chat will appear to all attendees in the session – please avoid sharing any personal information.
  • In the unlikely event that you see or hear anything upsetting or inappropriate in the course of the online event, please use the Q&A live chat to contact the moderator privately.
  • Please keep the chat respectful and on topic.
  • Be aware that all sessions will be recorded.