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Entry Requirements

We are committed to giving full and fair consideration to all entry qualification information presented by individual applicants. We welcome applications from candidates offering many different qualifications, including A and AS levels, Scottish Advanced Highers, the International Baccalaureate, the Cambridge Pre-U, Access to HE Diplomas, and many overseas qualifications. Typical offers for a number of qualifications are listed under each course entry and you should check the listed entry requirements for the course you are interested in. If you have questions regarding the acceptability of a particular qualification or the level of achievement required, we encourage you to contact the Undergraduate Admissions Team.

For course specific information on typical offers, and additional course information, please see our undergraduate course pages

A and AS Levels

Applicants are required to offer a minimum of three A-levels. Please refer to typical entry requirements for each course for full details.

Breadth of subjects is valued by our selectors and therefore subjects with significantly overlapping curricula should be avoided where possible, for example Accounting and Business Studies for Warwick Business School courses. In general terms, subjects with a higher proportion of assessed written work are likely to provide a better preparation than more practical subjects for studying a degree at Warwick.

Warwick has a long tradition of admitting a diverse, academically excellent, student body, where those who have the most potential to benefit from a Warwick education are able to do so. Our entry requirements and guidance on selection methods are made available to potential applicants through our printed prospectus and online study pages.

Do you require students to take AS exams for all of their subjects?
No. Students may still wish to take AS exams as they can be helpful for measuring progress so far in their studies and we do not discourage this, but where students are taking subjects to A level they will not be disadvantaged if they do not take the corresponding AS exam.

Do you require a fourth subject at AS level?

How will you assess applications if predications are unreliable/AS results are unavailable?
Applications have always been assessed holistically by Warwick’s course selectors, and will continue to be dealt with in this way. Predictions are considered alongside other available information, including GCSE (or equivalent) attainment, the personal statement, academic reference and any other relevant contextual information. In circumstances where the information contained within the UCAS application form is not sufficient to either demonstrate suitability for a programme, or to enable selectors to differentiate between applicants in a large pool, additional selection methods such as interviews or additional examinations (such as the STEP requirement for our Mathematics courses) may be used. Applicants should check individual course requirements for specific information.

International Baccalaureate Mathematics

From 2019, Year 11 students studying IB Mathematics can choose either Analysis and Approaches or Applications and Interpretation. Where a course requires Higher Level Mathematics our course entry requirements will indicate if either path will be accepted or if only Analysis and Approaches will meet the entry requirement for 2021 entry.


All applicants must possess a minimum level of competence in the English Language and in Mathematics/Science. A pass at Grade C or above, or Grade 4 or above in GCSE English Language and in Mathematics or a Science, or an equivalent qualification, satisfies this University requirement.

For courses where the requirements are above this University minimum please check the course-specific entry requirements on the Language Requirements page. A pass at Grade B or above, or Grade 6 or above may be asked for, or a pass at Grade A or above, or Grade 7 or above may be required.

For assessment of an application an A*, Grade 8 or Grade 9 are treated equally.

Cambridge Pre-U

The University of Warwick welcomes applications from students offering a mix of pre-U certificates in principal subjects and A levels totalling three or more, for all degree courses.

Requirements for individual Pre-U principal subjects (certificates) are listed with each course entry. Mixed portfolios of Pre-U principal subjects and A level subjects are welcomed and essential subject requirements can be satisfied by taking either the relevant Pre-U certificate or A Level. Candidates offering both a Pre-U and an A level in the same subject should be aware that only one will count towards the overall requirement for any given course.

The Pre-U Diploma is acceptable and candidates working towards this are advised to contact the Undergraduate Admissions Team regarding Diploma offer levels.

Welsh Baccalaureate

Warwick welcomes applicants who are studying the Welsh Baccalaureate at Advanced Level and recognise this when making any offer. In addition to our typical offer an alternative offer would be made to applicants taking the Skills Challenge Certificate. The alternative offer would be one grade lower and include obtaining grade C or above in the Skills Challenge Certificate. The one grade reduction would not be in any essential subjects required for a course e.g. if the typical offer was AAA including A in Mathematics the alternative offer would be AAB including A in Mathematics and grade C or above in the Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate.

Extended Project

Applicants presenting the Extended Project are encouraged to discuss their research in their personal statement and reflect on how undertaking the project will help prepare them for studying their chosen degree at Warwick. Offers will not normally be made conditional on achievement of an Extended Project.

Advanced Diplomas

Applicants who successfully achieve the Advanced Diploma (level 3) will be considered for entry onto Warwick degrees in some closely aligned subjects. To meet the standard entry requirements applicants may need to take specific Additional and Specialised Learning options. Please refer to the Warwick and UCAS websites for details about Diploma entry requirements for specific degrees. If you are unsure about whether your combination of subjects will meet our entry requirements please contact the Undergraduate Admissions Team for advice.

AQA Baccalaureate

Warwick welcomes the breadth of experience offered by those who successfully complete the AQA Baccalaureate and will consider activities completed towards the qualification as part of applicants’ overall profiles. However, offers will not normally be made conditional upon achievement of the AQA Bacc but will be framed in terms of A level achievement.

Foundation Programmes

Warwick offers the Warwick International Foundation Programme (formerly the HEFP) for international students whose current qualifications do not equip them for direct entry to UK universities. The IFP is a one-year intensive access course, taught at the University of Warwick, with all students living in on-campus accommodation. IFP students select one of the following five specialisms: Law, Business Studies, Social Science, Science and Engineering and Biomedical Science.

Academic departments are closely involved with the IFP and many welcome applications from IFP students. Successful completion of the IFP qualifies students to apply to a range of competitive degree programmes. For specific degrees at Warwick candidates may be required to have additional qualifications to meet subject requirements.

Warwick also welcomes applications from students who are studying foundation programmes offered by other institutions. If you would like advice on the suitability of the IFP or another foundation programme for entry onto a specific degree please refer to departmental entry requirements or contact the Undergraduate Admissions Team.

Access to HE Diploma

Many of our courses will consider applicants returning to study who are presenting a QAA-recognised Access to HE Diploma provided that essential subject requirements are met. Please refer to individual departmental entry requirements.

English Baccalaureate

Successful Warwick applicants who have taken GCSEs will have a range of subjects at good grades at GCSE level. However, we do not stipulate that applicants must offer the particular combination of subjects within the English Baccalaureate in order to achieve this. Applicants do not need the English Baccalaureate to be considered for entry to Warwick degrees but they should ensure that they can demonstrate a broad general education and that they are able to meet essential subject requirements for their chosen course.

Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (CoPE)

The University recognises the value of this qualification and will consider it as part of your overall profile. Offers will not normally be made conditional on achievement of CoPE.

Key and Functional Skills

Key and Functional Skills will not normally be included in the terms of any offer. The University recognises the value of these qualifications and will consider them as part of your overall profile.

Overseas qualifications

The University accepts a wide range of overseas qualifications, such as the Irish Leaving Certificate, French Baccalaureate, European Baccalaureate, German Abitur, Indian Class XII, Hong Kong DSE and Singapore H2. Further details about our entry requirements for a range of International qualifications are available on our country qualification website. If you are unsure whether your qualification is acceptable, or have questions about the level we will require, you should contact the Undergraduate Admissions Team through the Live Chat.

Vocational Qualifications including BTEC

Applicants with vocational qualifications are considered on an individual basis. Vocational qualifications may be acceptable on their own or in conjunction with other qualifications depending on the course. Applicants should ensure that they are able to meet the essential subject requirements for their chosen degree. Details of our typical offers can be found on the study pages or our website.If you are unsure about whether your combination of subjects will meet our entry requirements please contact the Undergraduate Admissions Team for advice.


If you have any questions about whether your particular qualification or level of achievement would be acceptable, please contact the Undergraduate Admissions Team or refer to the country specific information on our International pages.

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