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What should I send?

If we have made your offer of a place at the University of Warwick conditional, you will need to carefully read the conditions and arrange for us to be sent the right information. If you are studying for A levels or Scottish Highers, UCAS should send us this information directly. If you are studying for the International Baccaulaureate, we may receive your results from UCAS, but you will need to check this with your school/college.

If we have asked you for ‘official verification of your qualification/s’, please arrange for the school/college where you sat the exams to send us proof of your qualification/s. This should be an official result or certificate; we are unable to accept provisional results, as your marks may change.

If we have asked you for ‘official verification of the academic reference provided on your UCAS form’, please arrange for an appropriate member of staff at the school/college from which the reference came to send us a copy of the reference.

If we have asked you for ‘official verification of your IELTS qualification’, please send us a copy of your IELTS certificate. We can check this against the IELTS web site, so there is no need for the certificate to be sent by your school/college.

Please note that we do not accept information sent to us by agents, unless the agent is an approved representative of the University of Warwick


How should it be sent?

We prefer to receive information by email, although postal delivery is also acceptable.

If your school/college is sending a result by email, to be considered to be verified, it must be from a suitable member of staff and from a school/college email. Please note that we are unable to accept results or references if sent from a Yahoo, Googlemail, Hotmail or BTinternet address, unless it is the official school email address. There should be a covering email including your name, your UCAS number, and the name and position of the member of staff sending the information.

If information is being sent by post, you may send that yourself. Please write your UCAS number on the information. Copies of results and references must be stamped with an original stamp by the school (not stamped and then photocopied), so we can be sure that the school/college is verifying the information.

To whom should it be sent?


Post: Undergraduate Admissions Service, SROAS, University House, The University of Warwick, Kirby Corner Road, Coventry, CV4 8UW.

If you are sending original certificates/documents by postal delivery, we advise that you use a registered postal service so that your documents can be tracked.


When should it be sent by?

You must send your results to us within a month of their publication, or by August 31 whichever date is earliest.

Remember to get your school/college to verify your information before it closes for the summer.


Any Questions?

Please contact us on or Tel: +44 (0)24 7652 3723, as soon as possible.