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What have we updated?

About this page

We will always update this page when we make significant changes to our course content. This does not necessarily include minor corrections or formatting.

If you ever want to ask us about a change, you can contact us at webeditor at warwick dot ac dot uk.

3 September 2021

We have removed the following 'important information' box now that the course changes have received University approval:

Important information

We are making some changes to our BA Sociology and Criminology course for 2022 entry. Core modules are currently undergoing approval through the University's rigorous academic processes. As any changes are confirmed, they will be included in the module list on this webpage. It is therefore very important that you check this webpage for the latest information before you apply and prior to accepting an offer.

We have removed the following core module for Year Two:

Gender, Crime and Justice

Advanced Theory in Criminology and Social Justice

And inserted:

Gender, Race and Sexualities in the Criminal Justice System: Policy and Practice

This module will develop the necessary analytical, theoretical, and critical skills to analyse the complex relationship between gender, race, and sexualities in criminal justice institutions. You will be presented with contemporary conceptual issues around the categories of race, gender and sexualities and will be invited to consider how these are essential to unpacking current problems in policing, courts, sentencing, prisons, and community justice settings. The module will unpack criminalisation and victimisation in relation to contemporary problems linked to misogyny, sexism, racism, and homophobia.. In this module you’ll have the chance to engage with key readings in feminist criminology, queer criminology, and in post-colonial, southern criminologies and will be invited to consider practical and policy-informed solutions to some of the most enduring problems of contemporary criminal justice systems.

Policing and Society

The institution of the police is one of the state’s most important and yet most scrutinised and challenged institutions. Questions around policing and justice are arguably some of the most urgent in contemporary criminological scholarship and need theoretical as well as practical examination. In this module we sociologically and criminologically unpack the purpose of the police and consider different approaches to policing. We also examine the impact of policing on different communities and explore current debates around racism, discrimination, and excessive force in policing practices. Taking an international as well as critical perspective we consider the evolution, efficacy, and viability of the police and of policing in the 21st Century.

Initial launch

This page was launched on 2nd March 2021.