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School of Engineering


Why study Engineering at Warwick?

  • We offer flexible degree programmes that enable you to experience a range of different engineering disciplines before you decide to specialise in automotive, civil, electronic, manufacturing and mechanical, or mechanical engineering. Alternatively you can continue to choose a more diverse engineering curriculum or adopt a business focus. As in industry, students across pathways will work together, collaborating on multidisciplinary projects.
  • Our accredited courses, which can lead to Chartered Engineer status, are delivered jointly by the School of Engineering and WMG (Warwick Manufacturing Group). This unified approach equips you with the breadth of skills needed to design today’s complex products, which extend beyond the traditional engineering disciplines. Our students benefit from our strong connections with industrial partners (e.g. Jaguar Land Rover, Arup and Rolls-Royce) through research and teaching activities. Our courses are further enriched by work placement opportunities and the option to study abroad.
  • Look for Warwick under General Engineering in all three major UK league tables and you will see we are consistently ranked in the top ten.

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Engineering Degrees

Automotive Engineering (BEng) (H330)

Automotive Engineering (MEng) (H335)

Civil Engineering (BEng) (H200)

Civil Engineering (MEng) (H202)

Electrical and Electronic Engineering (BEng)

Electrical and Electronic Engineering (MEng)

Electronic Engineering (BEng) (H610)

Electronic Engineering (MEng) (H612)

Engineering (BEng) (H100)

Engineering (MEng) (H102)

Engineering Business Management (BEng) (HN12)

Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering (BEng) (HH73)

Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering (MEng) (HH37)

Mechanical Engineering (BEng) (H300)

Mechanical Engineering (MEng) (H302)

Related Degrees

Computer Systems Engineering (G406)

Computer Systems Engineering (MEng) (G408)

Student Blogs

Nathan Lavenstein, Civil Engineering

Jane Chan, Mechanical Engineering

Department Contact Details

School of Engineering

+44 (0)24 7652 4129