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Innovative Manufacturing & Future Materials

We're changing the world. Are you ready?

We research materials and the manufacturing processes used to transform them.

We don’t just focus on science - we examine the real-world impact it has on our lives.

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As part of our efforts to achieve the Sustainable Developments Goals that have been set out by the United Nations, we must tackle the unprecedented levels of plastic waste that is generated by society. To this end, we are organising an event on ‘Sustainability and Plastics’, aiming to bring the key Warwick researchers who are actively involved in sustainability research across the plastic value chains, from polymer chemistry, processing and manufacturing, data science, environmental science, business management, social science and beyond. Through this event, we hope to build a Warwick community on ‘sustainable plastics’, to identify key challenges, bridge the knowledge gaps, link our research strengths and explore joint solutions. More Information and Registration detailsLink opens in a new window

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