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Learning Circle 4: Evaluation and Assessment of PE Projects

chalkboard with happy, neutral, sad faces Membership

Chair: Vish Roy, Foundation Fellow - Faculty of Arts

WIE Team Link: James Brown

Members: Sophie Staniszewska, Phil Jemmett, Florian Reiche, Claire Rocks, Becky Morris, Yasmin Rahman, David Coates, Kerry Dobbins, Mark Scott

Achievements January - July 2021

So far our Learning Circle has had one meeting to agree our remit and our plans moving forward. Our focus is on the development of strategies for the robust and useful evaluation of Public Engagement activities and projects. We will in turn produce recommendations, support, and contribute to training and templates to aid effective evaluation and assessment of PE projects by Warwick Staff.

Ambitions into 2022

Moving forward our goals include:

  • Collating examples of best practice in the university;
  • Agree shared metrics for evaluation for PE across the university;
  • Develope techniques, templates, and methods for evaluation for different audiences;
  • Training for evaluation across the university.