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Engagement Modules

We've spoken to module convenors across Warwick to pull together examples of modules that support students to develop public engagement skills as a significant part of the module.

Where possible we have included copies of reading lists, module proposal forms, and other documents that may help you to put together your own module proposal/ amendment.

UG Module Case Studies

Public Engagement: Connecting Communities to Research

WIE-led interdisciplinary module run through IATL. Focuses on giving students a theoretical and practical introduction to public engagement across a range of disciplines. Offered to level 2/3 students from any course at 15 CATS.

Interdisciplinary module

Public Engagement in Classics and Ancient History

Focuses on the importance of Public Engagement in Classics, a working knowledge of the different types and methods of engagement, and practical experience of running a Public Engagement project. Available to second year classics students at 15 CATS.

Faculty of Arts

Placement, Outreach and Engagement

This module provides Psychology students with an opportunity to work with an organisation to support and advance their outreach and engagement portfolio in an area linked to Psychology. Available to final year Psychology students at 15 CATS.

Faculty of Science, Engineering and Medicine

Community Engagement: Theory into Practice

An Interdisciplinary module run through IATL. Students are required to complete 30 to 40 hours of volunteering in a local not-for-profit organisation. Students explore the links between academic study and community engagement within a framework of respect, reciprocity, relevance and reflection. Offered to level 2/3 students from any course at 15 CATS. Currently not running.

Interdisciplinary module

Science Communication

The module considers how science is communicated to different audiences and in different medias, drawing out issues around science in society, for example the roles and responsibilities of scientists and journalists in communicating scientific research and the public understanding of science. The skills that scientists need to competently communicate are also explored. Available to final year students in Life Sciences, 15 CATS (note, similar courses are also run in other science departments)

Faculty of Science, Engineering and Medicine

The Supernatural in Early Modern Britain

Unlike the other modules listed on this page, this module seeks to embed engagement within the student learning process as they study a subject relevant to their degree. Engagement is partly embedded in the option to write for a public audience through blogs for assessment, and partly through the option to take part in a public engagement activity (not for credit). Available to second year history students at 15 CATS

Faculty of Arts

Further support:

You can contact the team at if you'd like a meeting with one of us to talk about your own plans for embedding engagement into your module.

You could considering signing up to the WIE Mentoring SchemeLink opens in a new window to be matched with a mentor with expertise in public engagement module development.