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International Profile

Our Student Recruitment team visited 51 countries, generating 38,011 applications for study in 2018
Non-UK domiciled students (from appox. 150 countries)


Non-UK alumni (living in 198 countries)


42.9% of all Academic/Research/Teaching staff have non-UK nationality

International Foundation Programme (IFP) Offers over 250 international students access to Warwick and other prestigious UK universities.

Study Abroad

We encourage our students to spend time overseas with a work/voluntary placement, or a study abroad opportunity at one of our 200+ partner institutions across 40 countries.





Monash Warwick Alliance

The Alliance between the University of Warwick and Monash University is a model that is changing the way universities approach their international partnerships. It's about co-development, co-publishing and offering a truly transnational experience, with a focus on addressing the global challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

Building international partnerships

Warwick is international to the core. We partner with leading institutions around the world to address global challenges through collaborative research, and to develop innovative teaching and learning opportunities for our staff and students.

Warwick in Venice

Our students visit Venice to engage with teaching, research and partnership activity.

'Go Global'

Our students have a real chance to stand out in the international world of work and research, gain a global perspective and develop the intercultural skills to be a truly positive force in todays global society. Students can take part in initatives including language cafes, cultural events and study, work or volunteering abroad, while our Go Global Ambassadors help to promote intercultural curiosity and integration on campus.

International volunteering

Our students are making a difference through numerous volunteering programmes in the local community and across the world. Through our philanthropically-funded Warwick in Africa and Warwick Laksh programmes, we support maths and English teaching in schools in South Africa, Tanzania, Ghana and New Delhi, India.