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Student research

Student research

We provide opportunities for all students to engage in research at an early stage in their studies. This enriches their understanding, lets them experience the creation of new knowledge and helps them become an integral part of our research community.

Elle Pearson

"I wanted to be involved in something instrumental in sparking important change."

Elle Pearson shares her experience as recent graduate of Warwick Medical School, and how it shaped her career plans as a clinical academic. Elle discusses her time as Editor of Reinvention, Warwick’s journal of undergraduate research, during her final year, the opportunities she took up and advice for future undergraduates.

Fernando Conde Nodal 

“My time at Warwick helped me explore who I am, and who I want to be as a researcher.”

Fernando Conde Nodal, undergraduate turned PhD student, talks through his time in the Department of Chemistry and how his education and experience inspired him to study further. He shares his own involvement and advice on how students can get involved through their own educational experience.

Polina Zelmanova

“Through my research work I felt like I could make a difference both within academia and beyond.”

Polina Zelmanova tells of her time as Editor of at Reinvention, Warwick’s journal of undergraduate research. She discusses how her time here raised her awareness of a research led-careers and shares her advice for the next generation of undergraduate researchers.

Yi Ting Loo

"The Undergraduate Research Support Scheme Student Director role was a highlight of my undergraduate experience.”

Yi Ting Loo outlines their time as an undergraduate of Warwick Mathematics Institute and the elements that shaped her. Yi Ting shares the opportunities grasped, the support given and her involvement in the URSS, that led to her pursuance of a PhD at Warwick.