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A snapshot of 1987

In this year at Warwick:

  • The Warwick Graduate Association was launched.
  • The Students Union voted to call a rent strike and boycott of University services due to the University’s refusal to halve rents in the Christmas and Spring vacations, a move which the Union had called for in response to government changes in housing benefits paid to students which meant they could no longer claim benefits in the short vacations. The strike was called before a package of measures designed by the Working Party on the Residential Account to help students could be considered. On 9th February, after considering the package, the strike and boycott was called off.

  • New Part-time BA Degrees took place in the Arts Centre. The courses were to start in October and allowed people to study in the evenings only.

  • Five Honorary Degrees were conferred. The recipients were: Prof. Hugh Clegg , Sir Michael Hordern (actor), Dr. Clark Kerr, Mr. Humphrey Lyttelton (jazz musician) and Sir Richard Young.

Tricia Gillman's work concentrates on colour. She admits to influence by the French artists Braque and Matisse who were labelled as les fauves (wild beasts) after their brilliantly coloured and patterned paintings were shown at the Paris Salon of 1905. She also looks to the work of fifteenth century Italian artists such as Fra Angelico, Piero della Francesca and Bellini with its sense of arrangement of individual elements, often framed by architecture.

This work was presented to the University of Warwick by the Contemporary Art Society.

And in the world:

  • Black Monday was on 19th October. The stock market levels fall sharply on Wall Street and around the world.
  • The first conviction based on DNA evidence was made in Britain.
  • Aretha Franklin becomes the first woman inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
  • World population reached 5 billion people.

Between Sea and Sky | Tricia Gillman