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A snapshot of 1998

In this year at Warwick:

  • Warwick launched
  • Germaine Greer visited campus and gave her inaugural lecture on "The Literature of Childhood".
  • The Michael Loveitt BioMedical Library and Information Centre officially opened.

  • Warwick became the first University in Britain to install an on-line broadcast quality TV and radio studio.

  • A day of events marked 50 Years of Education at the Westwood site.

  • Ted Pridgeon and his wife Myrtle visited the Department of Biological Sciences and its Medical Research Institute to donate £1.2 million to fund a research Professorship in Neuroscience.

  • The new Union building (Union North) was officially opened. It provided an additional 2000 square metres of space and contained meetings rooms, a resources room, a computer-design and training suite and office space so as to meet the needs of over 150 student societies, 70 sports clubs and the Union committees.

  • The Modern Records Centre celebrated its 25th anniversary.

  • Warwick’s new Sports Pavillion was opened by former Olympic athlete and Honorary Graduate David Moorcroft and Coventry City Football Club Chairman Brian Richardson.

Peter Randall-Page studied at the Bath Academy of Art at Corsham and worked as a conservation stone mason before taking up a scholarship to study marble carving at Carrara in 1980. Within a short time he won the first of many public commissions and his work has been regularly shown in major sculpture exhibitions. The inspiration for his work often comes from organic form, though he rarely works directly from nature, and his aim is to use the essential characteristics of the form and the material to 'transport the spirit'. He is committed to working in stone, its geological antiquity being part of the attraction: "...the fact that it has been around long before human beings ..... can confront us with a sense of our own existence in a way that something that is second-hand or man-made cannot."

And in the world:

  • Google was founded.
  • Good Friday peace agreement is accepted by Sinn Fein the leader of the political wing of the republican IRA on May 10th in Northern Ireland.
  • Europeans agree on a single currency the Euro.
  • The European Central Bank is established in Frankfurt Germany.


Flayed Stone III | Peter Randall-Page