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From Warwick to wind turbines

Antonio Abella, a graduate of WMG, University of Warwick (MSc in Engineering Business Management, 2017), is the Director of Operations and Innovation at Ventos Metódicos. The company specialises in waste management and produces environmentally friendly products transforming decommissioned wind turbines into high-end custom furniture.

In this role, Antonio drives innovation in furniture production, oversees daily operations, interacts with international teams, and manages suppliers.

Learn more about Antonio’s time at Warwick and how it has shaped his career.

What motivated you to pursue a Master's degree in Engineering Business Management at Warwick?

From a young age, I always had a passion for engineering and this was partly inspired by shows like Discovery Channel's ‘How It’s Made’. I enjoyed engineering and business management, and I wanted to combine the two. I was pleased to learn that Warwick offered an MSc in Engineering Business Management.

What are the key takeaways from your course that you've found particularly useful in your current role?

The course provided a solid foundation in operations management and strategic decision-making. I gained expertise in effective communication, supply chain management, and innovation, which has helped me navigate the challenges of managing a luxury furniture production company. I've implemented best practices, optimised our supply chain, and driven innovation, supporting the company's growth and improvement.

I've applied my skills in project management, data analysis, and problem-solving to my daily operations, supplier liaising, and process innovation. The course's focus on teamwork and leadership has enabled me to assume leadership roles, make well-informed decisions, and make progress in my career.

How have you seen the industry change since your time at Warwick?

In both the food and recycling industries where I have worked, there has been a significant shift towards shorter innovation project timelines, resource constraints, and the need for flexibility and original solutions to meet consumer demands. Adapting to these changes has been crucial in staying competitive and addressing challenges effectively.

What advice would you offer to Warwick students interested in pursuing a similar career path?

Be passionate about your work, find enjoyment in your tasks, and embrace a global mindset when working in diverse international environments. Building strong relationships, seeking new opportunities, and staying adaptable are key to success in this field.

What memories do you cherish the most from your time at Warwick?

The friendships I formed, the exposure to many opportunities, and the inspiration gained from professors and lectures. These experiences have shaped my career and personal growth in many ways.


Antonio Abella

MSc Engineering Business Management, 2017