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GraduateA year before

  • Get in touch with the Alumni Engagement Team at the University
  • Think about where, when and how

Nine months before

  • Decide on your date
  • Book your venue

Six months before

  • Send out invitations with information on time, venue, accommodation, dress code
  • Speak to the Alumni Engagement Team if you would like to book a campus tour

Three months before

  • Ask for any dietary or access requirements
  • Monitor your responses and send out a reminder if needed

One month before

  • Start to finalise the details with the venue
  • Choose your menu
  • Send out a letter or email to those who are attending confirming all the details
  • Ensure everyone attending has your contact details and the details for the venue in case there are any last minute changes of plan
  • Confirm the final details with the venue including any special dietary or access requirements
  • Make lists (and badges if required) of all those attending – include maiden names if possible

After the event

  • Reflect on all your hard work
  • Send the Alumni Engagement Team a list of those who attended and any contact details
  • Tell the Alumni Engagement Team how your event went, along with any photos we can share