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Making the most of e-mentoring and networking

  • Are you a current student or recent graduate looking for a career mentor?
  • Are you looking for information about a particular industry you would like to get your foot into?
  • Are you a Warwick graduate who would like to offer a helping hand to students and recent graduates?
  • Would you like to move up the ladder in your profession?
  • Are you curious about career prospects in other industries where your skills and expertise may be transferable?
  • Are you considering a career change?
  • Would you like to talk to someone about career advancement options?

Warwick’s alumni e-mentoring service can help students and graduates build their networks and expand their opportunities.

However you fit into the Warwick community, whether as a current student or experienced graduate, a mentoring relationship can have benefits. Whether you’re looking for guidance at a challenging time in your career, a new skill for your CV or an opportunity to share the benefit of your experience, you will quickly find positive benefits of this exclusive service for alumni and students of the University of Warwick.

This service is open to current Warwick students and Warwick alumni.

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Inspire excellence. Stay connected. Build community. Become a Warwick alumni mentor and you will provide support, job search advice and career guidance for a current Warwick student or recent graduate who will benefit from your unique experience and skills. Sharing your knowledge will open mentees’ eyes, keep you connected to the innovation that defines Warwick, and play a crucial role in building a dynamic, enduring Warwick community.


Build your network. Expand your horizons. Find new opportunities. When you join the Warwick e-mentoring scheme you gain insights and connections that can help make your career dreams a reality. Your mentor will share advice and personal experiences, and give you a personal connection to what you can expect from life after Warwick. You’ll gain experience, make connections and gain new perspective on the possibilities open to you after graduation.

Benefits for the mentee

  • One to one support from an experienced professional
  • An opportunity to network and build contacts within an industry
  • Gaining an insight into your chosen industry or career
  • Help in recognising your own abilities and limitations in relation to your career ideas and in highlighting areas for development
  • Development of specialist skills
  • Development of employability skills
  • Practical advice on job search techniques and skills

Benefits for the mentor

  • Knowledge that you have helped someone to grow in confidence and self-esteem
  • Satisfaction that you have given a student or recent graduate increased knowledge, skills and experience in attaining their career goals
  • A chance to develop a new skill for your CV
  • A opportunity to reflect on your own experiences from a new perspective and to learn from those about to enter into employment
  • An understanding of the challenges and expectations of students coming into the workplace
  • A heightened sense of value and contribution to the graduate ‘talent pool’
  • An opportunity to increase networks and contacts outside of the current workplace environment

If you'd like more information, contact us today