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Social Network Sync

Keeping Warwick up to date with your details can be a pain. Indeed being constantly asked by us to do so is probably just as bothersome for you.

Installing our Social Network Syncing (SNS) app allows you to link your LinkedIn profile to Warwick so that you will never again have to update us with career and contact detail changes and that you'll never miss out on the latest alumni news from Warwick.

SNS is simple:

  1. Click on your app
  2. Review what data is shared
  3. Approve the app

SNS is safe to use. It is:

  • LinkedIn compliant - SNS works via ‘Connect Me Apps’ that allow you to quickly and easily link your profile to Warwick. These apps use the official methods published by social network companies and are kept compliant with their terms.
  • Data protection compliant - when joining, you will be told what data will be collected and how it will be used and shared with Warwick.
  • Transparent to users - all data synced is fully visible to you and you retain complete control over whether you continue to share your data or not.

All you have to do is click the icons below, then let your social media profiles connect with the University:

LinkedIn logo