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Alumni Stories - Hannah Brockbank

A great mentor once told me "your career is a marathon and not a sprint" - and this is the advice I would give to the Class of 2020 graduating from Warwick Business School.

I graduated in 2009 (International Business with French) when many graduate schemes in Marketing were being cancelled/scaled back due to the financial crisis. I still remember feeling panicked that things were suddenly no longer going to plan!

If you're not going into the dream job you hoped for after graduation don't stress out, you'll get there. As long as you're still learning and gaining experience then you've got something to offer any future employer - and you could do this in any number of ways.

The pandemic experience has made so many of us realise the benefits of taking time to slow down, better look after our physical and mental health and value the time we have with friends and family so don't lose sight of what's important. You're just at the starting line with many more years to go!


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