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Who are our Singaporean alumni?

Singapore alumni diningWith a population of just over five million, Singapore is one of the smaller countries represented at Warwick. However it more than makes up for that by being one of our most active and engaged alumni communities.

This level of activity is reflected in the calibre of alumni activities taking place there. Just this year, Sir Richard Lambert, Warwick’s Chancellor, spoke at the National Museum of Singapore in April and Tim Jones, Pro-Vice Chancellor, talked at the Art Science Museum in January.

Who are our Singaporean alumni?

Since 1965 over 1,200 Singaporeans have studied at Warwick. We’re still in touch with more than 1,100 of them which reflects a fondness for the University amongst our graduates.

The first two Singaporeans came to Warwick in 1968 and studied for a BSc and PhD in Mathematics. After those two pioneers a handful of Singaporeans came during the 60s and 70s before arriving in greater numbers from the mid 1980s and onwards until 142 Singaporeans graduated from Warwick in 2012.

At 39 years and three months our average Singaporean alumnus is slightly younger than the average Warwick graduate who is 41. Our oldest Singaporean alumnus is 74 and our youngest is 20. Since the first Singaporean came here, Warwick Business School has welcomed the largest number of them with 48% of the alumni community having studied there (followed by the Economics and Law departments). The most common degree for study is Business Administration (Distance Learning) which was studied by 19.9% of Singaporean students.

If you would like to make contact with other members of the Singaporean alumni community, you could start by contacting your local alumni ambassadors.