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Connections: Nuzu Onoh

Nuzu Onoh

LLB Law, 1989 and MA Writing, 2012

I have been awarded the Bram Stoker Lifetime Achievement Award for my outstanding contribution to horror fiction.
The Bram Stoker Lifetime Achievement Award is the most prestigious recognition in the horror genre. It is presented to individuals who have made significant and sustained contributions to the horror genre throughout their careers. Previous recipients include Stephen King, Christopher Lee, Peter Straub, Koji Suzuki, Robert McCammon, Ray Bradbury, and Anne Rice.
I am a member of the Coventry Writers Group and hold a Law degree and Master’s degree in Writing from the University of Warwick. I am the author of several critically acclaimed books, including The Reluctant Dead, Unhallowed Graves, The Sleepless, Dead Corpse, and my latest book, A Dance for the Dead. My works explore African folklore and mythology, weaving in elements of horror to create thrilling and thought-provoking tales.
I like to create horror stories that are deeply rooted in African tradition while still being accessible and engaging to a broad, global audience. My work challenges the stereotypes and conventions of the horror genre, creating narratives that are both empowering and terrifying.

Sun 02 Jul 2023, 15:27 | Tags: Connections Faculty of Arts Law Warwick Writing Programme