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Daniel Nwanebu

Listed in the 2020-2021 Top 150 Future Leaders List (Powerful Media), Daniel Nwanebu (LLB, 2021) shares what he thinks makes a leader and why it's important to pass on opportunities to the next generation


What do you think leadership really means in the modern world?
Being an inspiration and creating a road to a particular goal which may not have been paved before. Through a leader, one should not only know that something is achievable but also that there are different ways to get to that goal. Some may reach their goal on the first try whereas some may need a plethora of attempts. A leader is a source of inspiration pertaining to achieving a certain goal. 
Additionally, a leader looks to invest their qualities in their community and transfer their opportunities to others in their community. One that recognises this duty and is determined to take up that mantle is a leader. 


What does it mean to you, to be identified as a Future Leader?
It means a lot to me as it shows that, based on the things I’ve been able to achieve, I’m recognised as someone who can provide a substantial positive impact in our world in the future. That’s amazing to me and something that I’m proud of. 
It fills me with optimism as to what I can do in the future and encourages me to look at the positive changes I can make in the world. The recognition is humbling but also confers a responsibility to pass my knowledge to those who want to go down the same or a similar path to me. 


The three words I would use to describe myself are... 
God-loving, collected and determined. 


The most important thing I learnt from my time at Warwick is... 
… the power of taking advantage of the opportunities given to you. 


How did Warwick help shape your career?
Through keeping in contact with the Warwick Careers Service, I realised that there’s so much one can do as a career. It’s important to have an open mind to give you more opportunities. 


Has your recent career journey been a positive one?
As I’m still studying, I haven’t really started a career journey. But I’m sure that, with all of the skills I’ve picked up at Warwick, it will be a positive one.


Has studying during the pandemic changed your views and career decisions?
Not especially, but it did encourage me to have a lifestyle outside of work. It’s important to have a great mental framework where one can still enjoy life, keep relatively busy and grow. 


Next on the horizon is…
My next goal is to secure a Training Contract and start my legal career.