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Dean Murphy

What has been your career journey since leaving Warwick?

After graduating I fell into conference and events management. I worked for a mid-sized events business in the energy sector, where I soon had the opportunity to create and manage my own team. There was a lot of potential in the energy and finance sectors for events, so after a few years a couple of colleagues and I took the leap and started our own conference and events management business. It was a steep learning curve. The company grew and eventually we found people to sponsor the business and sold it in March 2020, with the plan to move back to the north of England. I’m now working for a growing fintech company called Neudata, where I manage and drive the growth of their events sector. It’s another huge learning experience; however, I enjoy focusing on driving business and managing events.

What did you gain from your Theatre Performance Studies (TPS) degree?

My line of work plays well for people who studied TPS. It’s essential to have strong communication skills in events management and to know how to talk to all audiences – to be able to perform and present at events.

Why is this role so special to you?

I love connecting with people and the fact that each day is so varied, from selling and programming an event to logistics.

What challenges have you faced and how have you overcome them?

Starting up a company. I wasn’t new to events management, but I was new to running a company and there were many challenges and mistakes along the way. My advice, particularly when starting your career, is to get stuck into the business you’re in and learn. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing - you don’t have to be in senior management straight away. It’s important to learn and do your job well in order to progress.

How has your time at Warwick helped you during your career?

University allows you to connect with people you wouldn’t normally meet. I still have a great network of friends from Warwick, working in very different jobs and industries to me. That’s important and ensures you don’t become too narrow in your outlook.