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Voices of the Alliance - Godgift Emesi

This year, we are celebrating 10-years of the Monash Warwick Alliance. As part of our Voices of the Alliance series, Philosophy, Politics and Economics graduate, Godgift Emesi, shares her experience and highlights of the Alliance.

I was originally born in Nigeria. I moved to the UK when I was five and since then had very little experience travelling abroad. When I left home for university and heard of opportunities to study abroad, I finally felt like the world was my oyster. The decision to spend a year abroad in Monash was a combination of two simple questions 1) "Where's the furthest place in the world I can go?" and 2) "Between Hokkaido, Japan and Melbourne, Australia, which is sunnier?". After YouTube-ing how high the snow can get in Hokkaido, I was more than happy to accept my offer to study at Monash.

During my time at Monash, ​my experiences weren’t limited to Australia. I travelled across Southeast Asia, developed my freelance videography business, built a network of global connections and learned a new language. I also had the opportunity to broaden my academic horizons and study modules unrelated to my Warwick degree, including Political Psychology, Japanese and Music, Media and Culture.

For any students thinking of getting involved with the Alliance, I’d say do it! And undertake thorough research first to make the most of the experience. Don’t be afraid of seeking advice or help if you need it.

Prior to studying at Monash, I always thought I’d move from the UK to the US. But now, who knows? Maybe I’ll spend a couple of years in Japan, with intermittent holidays back to Australia to visit the friends I made at Monash. Or perhaps I’ll spend some time in Malaysia and Singapore. The point is that I now have the courage to live, work and make a life for myself anywhere I please.

Did you do a year abroad at Monash? If you would like to share you story, please email alumni at warwick dot ac dot uk