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Gulcan Telci


Meet Gulcan Telci (MBA, 2014) - one of our Warwick Alumni Ambassadors in the USA.

Tell us about your current role?

I am the founder and President of Mavitae Institute, a global leadership consulting, coaching, and training company. I have moved from London to the other side of the world, first Arizona and now Hawaii and the world seems to be getting smaller. I love that I can contribute to the development of a leader, a team, or an organizational culture wherever they are via my virtual screen. I have learned how to ride a bicycle after my 40’s and transformed into a deeply passionate cyclist! I am also a mentor at WBS.

What is your favourite memory of studying at Warwick?

There are many favourite memories…

A fun memory of five of us working on our group-work around 2 A.M., preparing for our presentation for the following day; none of us were making sense anymore, had a heated discussion about insignificant details, and we all started laughing hysterically! We did, however, get a great mark!

What is the most important thing you learnt whilst studying at Warwick?

Looking and seeing beyond. The courage and ability to embrace the bigger world!

This was through the transformational learning experience, my cohort of amazing individuals, travelling to Krakow and Mannheim for the elective modules, and how the lecturers brought the whole world into the classroom!


What do you enjoy about being a Warwick ambassador?

I am one of the five alumni ambassadors in the USA working towards creating a supportive alumni community. We meet regularly and it’s great to share our Warwick memories. Our aim is to build a vibrant University of Warwick Alumni network across the United States. Let’s connect, meet, share, and support – Warwick University USA Alumni Network

How do you plan to celebrate July 4th this year?

We are joining a small group of friends for an afternoon barbeque and going for sunset on the beach in the evening to watch fireworks.

Happy 4th of July from Maui, Hawaii!

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