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Quickfire questions with Monita Mohan

Warwick alumna Monita (MA Writing, 2011) is a content magician and pop culture enthusiast who has taken her skills across the world.

What’s happened since graduating? It’s been an unconventional rollercoaster! I moved to the Middle East after graduating and worked on my novel for a year. Since then, I’ve worked in copywriting, advertising, public relations (PR), marketing, and as a pop culture writer. Along the way I also moved from the UAE to Canada.

What do you do now?
I’m a Marketing Manager at The Walrus, which is one of Canada’s most trusted magazines. I’m also a freelance TV and Movies feature writer for Collider.

What does it involve?
I handle the promotional and PR side of the magazine. I work on growing our audience through content, campaigns, and outreach. I’m also an entertainment writer for pop culture websites.

Why this career?
I’ve always viewed myself as a writer, so any job where I can put my skills to use is a win for me.

What’s a challenge you’ve overcome?
It’s always a challenge starting from scratch in a new country, but a supporting and encouraging family are a big help.

How has Warwick helped you?
Warwick gave me the confidence to put my writing out there –- marketing and advertising takes a lot of creativity. And it helped me share my reviews, analyses, and critiques of entertainment media.

What do you love writing about?
Definitely pop culture. My job is so busy right now I’ve had to pause my novel. But suffice to say I’m writing content like promotional material, digital copy, or feature pieces almost every day.

What book do you wish you’d written?
The X-Factor: Apocalypse run.

What inspires you?
I get inspiration from the media I consume. Given the nature of my work, I consume a lot of it! Of course, my best ideas come from my family.

What’s your ambition for the future?
If I’m writing, I’m happy!

Monita sits crossed legs and appears to be levitating rocks with the words