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Ruth Powell

PGCE, 1980

'University gave me the confidence and belief in my potential'

Apple Business Development, Healthcare, Digital Transformation, Enterprise Sales & Client Relationship Manager

Ruth joined Apple in 1984 and rose to Sales Account Manager in Apple Europe after securing a global contract with BP, during a key organisational and culture change that earned the tech giant $9 million a year. She saw Apple go from an upstart trailblazing company into the industry leader it is today.

Ruth is passionate about Film, English Literature and History. She now works as a consultant and coach, and is currently an MBA ambassador, mentor and coach for Warwick Business School, specialising in consulting, business transformation leadership and performance improvement.

Is there a woman you look to for inspiration?

An amazing lady, Winona Pritchard - a role model of a truly successful working mother. In the late 1970's, she had five children under 11, a husband sick with long-term illness and worked her way up to become the first Regional Director for British Rail. My mother.

What did you love about studying at Warwick?

My tutor at Warwick was the screenwriter and novelist, an inspirational Welshman, Andrew Davies, who ignited my ongoing passion for English Literature. University gave me the confidence and belief in my potential, to not view glass ceilings but only glass doors - to open, explore and move through - enjoying in a portfolio career in variety of industry sectors.