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Academic Profile of William Hanrahan

Welcome to my ePortfolio. MSc Marketing & Strategy


I am a MSc student at the Warwick Business School at Warwick University. My research focus is on international market research. I have a BSc in Marketing from Newcastle University.

My Supervisor is Sue Bridgewater

I have tried to make my ePortfolio as useful as possible for visitors. Please feel free to contact me regarding any questions in the field of marketing or for teaching or consultancy opportunities.

Research Interests and Past Projects:

International Marketing Research

Kenyan Chicken Industry: Raising Kenchics Market IQ

Preventing Failure in International Joint Ventures

Food Industry & Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

Coffee Industry: Analysis of the Nespresso Diffusion

Sports and Energy Drinks UK Market: Focussing on the Microenvironment of Red Bull

Look What We Found: Competitive Advantage Evaluation within the Ambient Food Market

Non-Metric Multidimensional Scaling on data from the USA Beer Market

Leisure and Tourism Industry

Long Haul Airlines: Online Ticket Sales

Nike: Business Environmental Audit - Critical assessment of the strategic Direction of the brand

Fitness First: Context Analysis and Promotional Objectives


What role do Logos, Jingles, Symbols and other nonverbal communications play in influencing favourable brand recall?

The Nature of Trust in brands: In-depth Literature Review

Current MSc Dissertation:

Understanding and developing qualitative research methods in Kenya:

 A case study with Kenchic Ltd – using interviews to provide insights into consumers and develop healthy eating messages:

Understanding and developing qualitative research methods in Kenya: A case study with Kenchic Ltd

Sky Blue Consultancy:

This is my consultancy company, a specialist strategic brand consultancy providing expert brand advice for businesses of all sizes and kinds.

I can offer clients the unique combination of practical business experience with bespoke market research to help businesses to understand their customers better.

Visit the Sky Blue Consultancy Site

Example of Some Companies Consulted:


BSc Dissertation:

Ambient Food, is there a student market? A focus on the Look What We Found! Brand.

Undergraduate Dissertation


Latest Resume

William Hanrahan Resume (British 2 Page Style)

William David Hanrahan

whanrahan at ymail dot com

MS09WH at mail dot wbs dot ac dot uk

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Telephone: (00 1) 972 904 9208