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curriculum vitae


Extensive research experience: introduction of e-learning technologies into a doctorate programme in the field of education and academics (geography), with the aim of developing networks. Extensive experience in using action research and applying qualitative methods to investigate how to introduce ICT developments into educational programmes in Higher Education. Development of online support, face-to-face training and learning materials for doctoral students on how to use and benefit from technologies (e-portfolios, blogs, online forums and websites) in their doctorate studies. Innovative research on blending learning, applied to understanding how undergraduate students blend their learning activities.


* Currently: PhD in Education | 2006- to date | University of Warwick 

Working Title: Investigating online support for doctoral students

* Master of Arts in Human Resources Management/CIPD | 2005-2006 | Coventry University

Dissertation: Exploratory Study on supporting an e-learning community approach for research degree students

* Bachelor of Arts in International Business | 2004-2005 | Coventry University

Dissertation: Student Evaluation of Teaching at Coventry University: Current system compared with an alternative

* Bachelor of Arts in Business Management and Accounting | Universidad del Pacifico

Final year project: A business plan


* Developing the research programme 

Director: Dr Mick Hammond

Objective: Investigation and developing support for doctoral students at WIE

* Kaleidoscope Virtual Doctoral School

Director: Proff Dave Pratt

Objective: Development of website on research design for new researcher

* Assessment - Warwick Funding 

Directors: Dr Mick Hammond and Sarah Richardson

Objective: Developing online support for the upgrade examination at WIE and History

* Students' Blending Learning User Patterns 

Director: Dr Ruth Ayres

Objective: Investigating how students blend their learning activities at Warwick




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