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Mahdi Dahmardeh

Dr Mahdi Dahmardeh

Doctor Mahdi Dahmardeh

Mahdi was born in 1982. He attended the Dependent High School to Sistan & Balouchestan University and received his diploma in Math in 1999. Having finished the pre-university level in 2000, he then entered into Sistan and Balouchestan University and started doing a in English Language Translation. Due to high motivation, he decided to pursuit his studies at Marine and Science University of Chabahar as well as Allameh Tabatabaie University (Tehran) as a guest student while he was doing the B.A. He received his B.A. in 2005 and in the same year he's come to Great Britain to pursuit his higher education. Mahdi has received his M.A. in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) less than 10 months from Lancaster University. He then started doing a PhD at the University of Warwick in 2006. Due to the high efforts that he put into education, he successfully finished the PhD studies within less than three years. 

Contact Me: Mahdi "at" Dahmardeh "dot" com

Research Interest: 

My academic interest particularly lies in CLT (Communicative Language Teaching) along with research on foreign/second Language Teaching.


1- ISLS International Conference International Society for Language Studies (Hawaii, America 2007)

2- The University of Cambridge International Conference Acts of Reading (Cambridge, Great Britain 2007)

3- 43rd Annual International IATEFL Conference and Exhibition (Cardiff, Great Britain 2009)

4- 5th Asia TEFL International Conference (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2007) and

5- ISLS International Conference (Orlando, America 2009)

6- The 2009 Asia TEFL (Thailand)

POSTERS: Winner of the University of Warwick PhD Research Poster Competition (2009)



 Title Language  Place of Presenting   Date
The Difference In Use Between The Normal BE-Passive And The GET-Passive  English Lancaster University  2005
Analysing and Testing the Teaching/Learning Goals Represented in the Textbook for Iranian Pre-University Students  English Lancaster University  2006
The Factor of Age in Second Language Development  English Lancaster University  2006
Krashen’s Hypotheses of Second Language Acquisition: The Input Hypothesis  English Lancaster University  2006
Descriptions, Theories and Criticisms of the Audio-lingual Approach   English Lancaster University  2006
Comparing and Contrasting the Procedures that a Specialist and a Non-Specialist Use in Designing a Task  English Lancaster University  2006
Theoretical Principles and Practical Procedures in Evaluation of Teaching Materials  English Lancaster University  2006


 Publications (Articles) 

 Journal Title  Publisher   Year
Warwick Booklet of Education Communicative Textbooks[1] The University of Warwick 2007
Warwick Booklet of Education Iranian ELT Curriculum and Communicative Pedagogy[2] The University of Warwick 2008
Linguistik online (40, 4/09) Communicative Textbooks: English Language Textbooks in Iranian Secondary School University of Bern 2009 



Publications (Book)


A Preliminary Research on Textbook Evaluation VDM Publishing company (Germany) 978-3-639-12893-2 2009
English Language Teaching in Iran VDM Publishing company (Germany) 978-3-639-20712-5 2010






English Language teaching in Iran