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Type of design

Type of design:


The type of the design is a case study of Cypriot preprimary teachers that may help conclude to general results for Cyprus as a whole. The main aim is to research how teachers respond to children’s scientific preconceptions. Hence a number of teachers will be observed during teaching in order to understand teachers’ views regarding to preconceptions and how they deal with them while teaching natural sciences. However, before that, questionnaires will be sent to schools all around Cyprus aiming to discover early years and first grade teachers’ perceptions of teaching specific natural science’s subjects. Based on the results of the questionnaires two subjects will be selected and then teachers will be observed while teaching lessons derived from these subjects. The observations will be recorded and then discussed with the teachers during face to face interviews.

Additionally, the teachers will participate in focus groups in order to express their opinions through a group discussion. Most likely two focus groups will take place. Also, key personals will be interviewed like professors working at Cypriot Universities that teach natural sciences to primary and pre-primary student teachers.

The above design could be characterized as a mixed design which uses a questionnaire in order to specify the natural science's subjects that the rest of the methodology will focus on (observations, interviews and focus groups).