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Dr Fotini Vassiliki Kuloheri

Welcome to my academic ePortfolio.

My name is Vani (Vassiliki Fotini) Kuloheri. I have a doctorate degree in Education (Applied Linguistics and English Language Teaching) from the University of Warwick, UK, an MA in Applied Linguistics from the University of Essex, UK, a BA in English Language and Literature from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece and the RSA Diploma for Overseas Teachers of English (DOTE) from UCLES International Examinations with a Distinction in Language and Methodology.

I have been teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL) since 1985, and have taught all learner ages and levels. After the completion of my RSA DOTE studies, my tutors encouraged me to become a teacher trainer. My first involvement in teacher training courses was at the RSA DOTE level in the roles of the personal tutor, project supervisor and teaching-practice assessor. This was followed with in-service and pre-service courses, and with researching and assessing the quality of teacher training courses offered by the Pedagogical Institute, Greece (the formerly advisory body to the Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs).

Since 1995 I have been writing educational EFL material. I have cooperated with Oxford University Press for more than ten years with the aim to produce material supportive of young learners' autonomous study at home. My long successful classroom experience with the Presentation-Practice-Production process in grammar teaching and learning resulted in the publication of Grammar Team 1, OUP. The book became a best seller in Greece at that time, while its structure and philosophy were repeated in subsequent published grammar books.

My engagement with educational research started in 1992. My current research interest lies in the area of indiscipline in the classrooms of young EFL learners. Feeling obligation to, and respect and love for my country, Greece, which has helped me become an active thinker and responsible citizen, my first research was launched in Greek primary state schools. This research has also been the first one on this issue locally and internationally. It is also intended to expand to secondary schools and to educational environments across the globe.

I have been a member of The Society of Authors, London, UK,of TESOL Greece and of EUROSLA. Also, I have participated in the Language Learning and Pedagogy (LL&P) and the English Language Teacher Education and Development (ELTED) groups in The Centre for Applied Linguistics, University of Warwick.

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The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens was founded in 1837 and was the first university in the newly-established Greek State. Being also the first university in the Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean, it comprises a landmark in the history of education in all these areas. The university was named after the first head of state of newly-liberated Hellas, Kapodistrias ( Currently, it comprises five (5) Schools and five (5) Independent Faculties. The Faculty of English Studies, with the Departments of Language and Linguistics, and Literature and Culture, is one of the largest academic units in the University (


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