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The Honest Man's Fortune

On May 7th 2011, I participated in a rehearsed reading of Field, Fletcher and Massinger's The Honest Man's Fortune at the University of Christ Church, Canterbury. First performed in 1613, this reading (convened by Steve Orman) staged the play with round-table discussion of the issues raised.


Montaigne: Brian McMahon

Veramour, 3rd Officer: Kelley Costigan

Earl of Amiens, 2nd Creditor, 2nd Servant: Astrid Stilma

Duke of Orleans, La-Poope: Alex Samson

Lady Orleans, 1st Officer, Servant, 1st Servant: Sasha Garwood

Longaville, 3rd Creditor, 3rd Servant: Steve Orman

Du-boys: Peter Kirwan

Lamira, 1st Creditor, 2nd Officer, 4th Servant: Claire Bartram

Laverdure, 2nd Creditor: Nicola Boyle

Mallicorne, 1st Lawyer: Clare Cox

Charlotte, 2nd Lawyer, 1st Creditor: Kaye McLelland