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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

This section answers questions about me one would normally ask in an interview process; the answers to the questions below show more of me as a person than what my Curriculum Vitae is able to.

- Who are you?
My name is Jassim Happa. Please feel free to call me Jass. I am a Norwegian citizen with a Norwegian mother and a Moroccan father. I am a first year PhD student at the University of Warwick. More details about my PhD can be found under My Research, or on my Curriculum Vitae page.

- What do you look like?
The Main Page of this eportfolio should have a decent photograph of me. The About Me has two as well.

- What are your strong personal qualities?
  • Creative and talented individual
  • Multicultural background
  • Trilingual: Norwegian(fluent), English(fluent), French(2 years)
  • Experience in group project management
  • Punctual and serious about my work
  • An adaptable person, but at the same time not a yes man
  • Not a one-sided individual
  • I enjoy keeping my general (and specialised) knowledge up-to-date
  • I have a real passion for both Science and Art
  • Not afraid of approaching any Maths related problem

- What are your weak points?

  • Most of my experience is in a school/university environment
  • Only 3 years of programming experience
  • Only 2 years experience in animation and modelling tools

- Describe yourself in less than 100 words?
I am a 24-year old male Norwegian computer science graduate. Sociable, friendly type who is not afraid of speaking my mind when I feel something needs to be said. I love an intellectual challenge, and have interests in other fields besides computer science such as; photography, literature, music, philosophy, psychology, and art. Most of all I have a real passion for working in fields combining arts and sciences, this can be visual simulations, 3D modelling, graphical user-interface design, computer/video games and music composing/mixing. I consider myself always hard-working, serious, punctual and fully committed to my work.

- Why are you doing a PhD in Archaeological Reconstruction/Computer Graphics?
A PhD is the highest academic degree one can receive, in which you contribute to knowledge. I thoroughly enjoy studying computer graphics, so this is a natural step for me. I also want to contribute to cultural heritage preservation as I believe preserving what we can about our past is important for the future.

- Can you talk about a project that did not go well?
A business unit for computer science students during my BSc in which our group had to present a business proposal for a "fashion advice kiosk" for a potential investor. We were eight students in our group and three members barely ever showed up regardless of how many times we tried to get in touch with them. It was difficult to manage a group in which almost half of the members were indifferent about the project. However, in the end we managed to get a high upper 2nd class mark. (Which is a great mark considering the circumstances.)

- What is your experience in topic "X"?
My Curriculum Vitae holds most of this sort of information. If you need more detail about something specific I have done in topic "X" such as implementation or design please e-mail me: e-mail. I have placed topics relevant to my research on my CV. If you are interested to find out whether I have experience in a topic not on my CV, feel free to e-mail me about that as well.

- I'd like to get in touch with you about project "X" or would like your opinion on subject "Y", would you like to join in our project or give me your opinion?
Go for it. Most of the times I probably would be. E-mail me and I will let you know whether I am interested. I am not all about money, so if it is related to any projects I've been into in the past I would most likely be interested. I join in several projects for the fun and experience of it. Certainly for opinions I am hapy to give my input.

- Are you being paid to link to the external sites in your links section?
No. I genuinely like the things I link to in the links section.

Do you have a motto in life?
"Be the change you want to see in the world"
Mahatma Gandhi
Better than saying "Where there is a will, there is a way" though certainly going for the same kind of thing. I believe people are always capable of accomplishing more than what they think they can.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?
Completed my PhD, and working either in research related to my PhD or in the computer & video games industry.