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I am currently involved in promoting postgraduate study at Warwick HRI:

1. Take a look at the latest newsletters.

October 08(PDF Document)

May 08(PDF Document)

January 08(PDF Document)


September 07(PDF Document)


April 07(PDF Document)

Oct 08 Newsletter
Newsletter 2008
Jan 2008 Newsletter
Sept 2007 Newsletter
April 2007

2. Watch the online video.

This is a Flash Video file. If you cannot see the video download Adobe Flash Player .

Alternatively you can watch this film in Windows Media Player.


3. Read the article.

Atkinson, L. Guide to the Media. In Opening the door to Warwick HRI, Issue 04 , October 2008


4. Other brochures/leaflets.

General Warwick HRI Leaflet(PDF Document) 

Warwick HRI MSc Prospectus(PDF Document)

Warwick HRI Leaflet
Warwick HRI MSc Prospectus
Promotional Shots
Promotional Shots
Promotional Shots